12 Best Selling Woodworking Projects

Teapot Bird House and Feeder

Tips On Starting A Woodworking Business Woodworking products which are easy to make and sell well are reviewed in this post. Here are a few things to remember when you are beginning your business as a new woodworker….. Work within your capabilities to create a product you would be proud to have in your own home Don’t try to re-invent the wheel…..look at what other people are selling and adapt their ideas to create your own range Only use materials of the highest quality Just purchase tools  for the job in hand. You will soon build up a range of…

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Whittling….An Age Old Pastime

Mushroom houses e1608742610647

Whittling…..an age old pastime that goes back to the time of our distant ancestors. If you are feeling creative but have little space, no tools, no budget and little time, then whittling could be for you. The craft of whittling, the baby brother of carving, involves shaping a small piece of wood into an attractive design using a pocket or craft knife. Quality Wellness Products at Affordable Prices   Also An Outstanding Business Opportunity  at So what do you need to explore the wonderful world of whittling? Your one and only tool is a knife. Choosing a Knife The traditional…

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Marquetry – An Age Old Craft


Marquetry can be traced back to Mesopotamia in around 2600BC, where ivory was inset in bitumen to create a picture of daily and royal life. The first recorded use of different wood veneers and semi precious stones to decorate furniture dates back to the court of the Pharaohs in Egypt.   Quality Wellness Products at Affordable Prices   Also An Outstanding Business Opportunity  at The craft crossed the Mediterranean to Ancient Greece where it’s described in Homer’s Odyssey and it became even more sophisticated at the height of the Roman Empire.  In the 11th Century wood veneers were being used…

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Intarsia – An Introduction to this Exciting Craft

Camper van 1

Intarsia uses different shapes, thicknesses and species of wood to form a mosaic like design with a 3D effect. The grain and colouring of various woods are used to create the picture or pattern. The pieces of wood, which are cut out with a scroll saw, interlock tightly together.   Quality Wellness Products at Affordable Prices   Also An Outstanding Business Opportunity  at History of Intarsia The art of Intarsia probably originates from East Asian ivory and wood inlay work. It spread to Islamic North Africa with the first Intarsia in Italy dating from 1430. This amazing self portrait. which…

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Pallet Furniture………15 Great Projects To Make Yourself

coffee table

Pallets are made to last, so they are strong, as well as offering great value for money. You can create a wide range of pallet furniture, which is totally unique, including  tables, benches, beds, shelves, desks and many more household items. You can make them to the exact size you want, so they are truly bespoke.   Quality Wellness Products at Affordable Prices   Also An Outstanding Business Opportunity  at Where To Find Wooden Pallets Here are five places you can source free wooden pallets…… Large building supply stores Wholesale suppliers Building sites Supermarkets Industrial estates How To Dismantle A…

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How To Find Profitable Products For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing 2 1

Affiliate Marketing – Finding The Most Profitable Products In Your Woodworking Niche To be successful in Affiliate Marketing you need profitable products to sell and a platform to sell them from. A large number of marketers use WordPress, as its so simple and flexible, and, of course, its free! Several videos on YouTube show you how to install WordPress and to create posts to promote your products.  One of the best videos I have come across is called WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – Build A Website Today  It is quite long at 75 minutes, but you can dip in and…

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KSAD Jenderal Maruli Jawab Langsung Tudingan Megawati

Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Darat (Kasad) Jenderal TNI Maruli Simanjuntak menyarankan untuk Ketua Umum PDI Perjuangan Megawati Soekarnoputri agar melaporkan langsung ke TNI, termasuk TNI Angkatan Darat, manakala menemukan prajurit TNI yang mengintimidasi rakyat. Kalau memang akan resmi, bisa laporkan atau disampaikan, ada kejadian di mana kami akan coba tindak lanjuti nanti. Jadi, bisa sekarang penyampaiannya intimidasi, kita juga enggak tahu di mana, sulit juga ‘kan,” kata Maruli menjawab pertanyaan wartawan seusai datang acara perayaan Natal bersama TNI AD di Jakarta, Senin Megawati di hadapan semua pendukungnya di Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno (SUGBK), Jakarta, Sabtu (3/2), menyerukan kepada polisi…

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Cherry Blossoming In All Its Glory: A Sakura Sojourn in Japan 2024


The Beauty of Cherry Blossom in Japan Cherry blossom time in Japan is magical, as nature presents its ultimate floral show. Not only do trees offer such a variety of materials for our crafts. but they can also be beautiful beyond words. The flowering of cherry blossom trees, known as sakura in Japanese,  has been celebrated for over a thousand years throughout the country’s poetry, literature and art.

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Wood Crafts……..Creative Pyrography, Jewellery, Toys, Furniture and more……

Shave Horse Ben Orford

A Warm Welcome to ‘My World of Wood Crafts’ Just click on an image below to open the relevant post or look down the categories in the right hand sidebar. Pyrography Pyrography is one of the best wood crafts to start from home…inexpensive to set up, only needs a small working space and there are a wide range of products you can personalise. The best wood to use if you are a beginner is basswood with willow and aspen as alternatives. Basswood is light in colour, readily available and has an unobtrusive grain pattern….. Jewellery Making wooden jewellery is a…

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Beat Inflation With A Pyrography Side Hustle

Key Fob e1690226625838

Finding A Profitable Wood Craft  Pyrography, Woodturning, Intarsia, Marquetry, Jewellery are all crafts which offer the opportunity of generating a supplementary income. However many of these crafts do not create a worthwhile ROI (Return on Investment) both in terms of money and/or time spent. LeadsLeap…The Outstanding Site Management System So lets look at the potential of each of them…… Click on the image to learn more about that craft. Woodturning Pros  High quality products which are useful and attractive Can use recycled timber which is environmentally friendly Cons Lathe is expensive to purchase A dedicated workshop is required Marquetry and Intarsia Pros…

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Ignite Your Creativity: Embrace the Art of Pyrography

Butterfly 1 1

  History of Pyrography Pyrography dates back to the heyday of many of the world’s great civilisations……The Egyptians, The Greeks, The Romans, The Nazca and Moche civilisations in Peru and the Han dynasty in China, where it was known as ‘fire needle embroidery’.   The word pyrography originates from the Greek meaning ‘writing with fire’. Less advanced cultures, like the Maoris in New Zealand, also practiced primitive forms of pyrography. All they needed was a piece of wood, metal rods of various sizes and a source of fire.   Getting Started Safety  For your personal safety you should follow these guidelines….. Ventilation: Work…

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Kumiko…. The Ancient Art of Woodcraft Mastery from Japan

Lantern from Etsy e1645615013553

Origins of Kumiko Kumiko originated as a unique Japanese artform in the 8th Century during the Asuka period. The traditional wood used in Kumiko is Akita Cedar or Kiso Cypress, which is long lasting, durable and bright in colour.   The Best Wood To Use Nowadays it is advisable to start with basswood, which has small pores, no grain lines, pares easily and is consistent in colour. It is also comparatively soft, which allows you to achieve a tight fit when assembling the pieces.     Assembly The wooden pieces, which are traditionally cut by hand to an accuracy of…

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The Magic of Green Woodworking….Tools, Products And Skills

Shave Horse Ben Orford

Green Woodworking…… Yesterday and Today Green Woodworking is enjoying a revival now that the planting of trees is  recognised as an important way of reducing global warming. Indeed wood loving craftsmen of the past are now regarded as the first conservationists, as they harnessed the attributes of wood in a sustainable and renewable way. The common thread in green woodworking is the use of freshly cut, moist wood that has not been dried or seasoned. This allows for easier manipulation of the wood and the development of unique, organic shapes as the wood dries and settles over time.

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Climate Change…..Deforestation And Fossil Fuels Are The Culprits


Climate change accelerated by deforestation Deforestation has been identified as a major factor contributing to climate change….the most pressing challenge the world faces this century. Through writing my blog I have come to realise what an important role trees have played through the centuries… For building our homes For generating warmth For building ships For the creation of great artwork   Now it has emerged that trees play a crucial role in regulating climate change. Deforestation……the extermination of trees for personal and state gain ……is endangering life, as we know it, on this wonderful planet of ours.   The Reasons…

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How To Harness The Power Of Pinterest Pins and Boards

Pinterest boards

History and Overview of Pinterest Pinterest Pins and Boards are at the heart of this social media/search engine platform. So I will start by sharing with you what I have learned about Pins and Boards whilst building ‘My World of Wood Crafts’. Before we discuss Pins and Boards in detail, lets take a look at the background to Pinterest. History……. Conceived in 2009. Launched publicly in 2012 Status……..At present (December 2023) Pinterest is an independent, listed Company, although several companies have considered acquiring it.   Primary Audience Demographic……… US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ Size of membership…….478 million active users in…

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