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A Warm Welcome to ‘My World of Wood Crafts’

Wood Crafts covers many different skills. The ones I have written about in this blog are Pyrography, Wooden Jewellery, Furniture Restoration, Wooden Toys, Pallet Furniture, Homes for Wildlife, Intarsia, Kumiko, Marquetry, Outdoor Furniture, Scroll Sawing, Barrel Furniture, Whittling and Greenwood Crafts amongst many others.

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Pyrography 300 × 300

Pyrography is one of the best wood crafts to start from home…inexpensive to set up, only needs a small working space and there are a wide range of products you can personalise.

The best wood to use if you are a beginner is basswood with willow and aspen as alternatives. Basswood is light in colour, readily available and has an unobtrusive grain pattern…..


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Butterflies rev 2Making wooden jewellery is a highly creative and profitable craft to engage in. Wood is such a versatile material and so easy to work…….

There are so many beautiful items to make….just look at these butterfly brooches for example………



TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects


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Furniture Restoration


Etsy Cogsmithandco

Furniture Restoration repairs the ravages of time….stains, scrapes, loose joints. With a little tender loving care you can restore furniture, which you have bought cheaply at auction, and transform it with a new contemporary look and then sell on at a handsome profit.

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Toys 300 × 300 px 1Wooden toys, made yourself, show your love for a child more than anything else.

Traditional wooden toys are difficult to find in this age of plastic…..this could be a golden opportunity.

Wooden toys are better than those found today. They’re long-lasting and more durable………

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Pallet Furniture

Pallet Furniture rev 2

Etsy TooPoshForPallets

You can create a wide range of pallet furniture using material which is often free….What an opportunity!!!

Items include  tables, benches, beds, shelves, desks and many more household furnishings.

You can make them to the exact size required by your customer, so they are truly bespoke….

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Homes For Wildlife

Homes for Wildlife

Many of our favourite animals and birds are under pressure through loss of their natural habitat or the depletion of the creatures they feed on.

We can help their fight for survival by providing them with suitable homes….


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Camper van 1

Intarsia uses different shapes, thicknesses and species of wood to form a mosaic like design with a 3D effect. The grain and colouring of various woods are used to create the picture or pattern………




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Kumiko 300 × 300

The wooden pieces, which are traditionally cut by hand to an accuracy of 0.1 mm. are arranged with meticulous care.

They are interconnected, without the use of glue or nails, but relying on equally dispersed pressure for their strength……..

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Marquetry 1 rev 1

Etsy TheWoodenMare

We can only marvel at the skill, artistry and patience of the craftsmen of the 17th and 18th Centuries, who worked with rudimentary tools to create great works of art.

A wide range of marquetry techniques have evolved over many years. so I can only scratch the surface with this short post.

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Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture1

Outdoor living needn’t cost a fortune.

Here are a few ideas to transform your garden into an outdoor room….




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Scroll Sawing

Scroll Sawing 1Before you start scroll sawing you will need to choose or create some patterns to work to.

There are three principle ways to source your patterns….




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Setting Up a Workshop

Workshop Set Up 1


First of all you should decide the type of woodworking product you are going to make.

Will you be making tables, cupboards and furniture for the home, or are you more interested in fine woodworking, like turning, carving or scroll sawing….

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Tools and Equipment<



Two words of advice before spending your hard earned money….

  • only buy the tools that you need for the job in hand

  • and also purchase good quality tools.


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Barrel Furniture

Barrel Furniture rev 2

Etsy Evanswbf

Barrel furniture encompasses a huge range of useful items from chandeliers to wine coolers and armchairs to wine racks.

The barrels have been made by skilled coopers out of seasoned oak, so they are extremely durable……..


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Affiliate Marketing rev 1


Affiliate Marketing provides an ideal way of selling your products online.

There are several companies who act as intermediaries between you, the seller, and the buyer.

Not On The High Street, UK based, and Etsy, who operate worldwide, specialise in craft products.

Wealthy Affiliate guides you on your journey to become a successful affiliate marketer of your products.


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Whittling rev 1

Etsy ScarecrowCrafts

Whittling…..an age old pastime that goes back to the time of our distant ancestors.

If you are feeling creative but have little space, no tools, no budget and little time, then whittling could be for you….





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wood crafts horseGreen woodworking uses freshly cut, moist wood that has not been dried or seasoned, which allows the wood to be easily bent.


You may like to read about how my passion for Wood Crafts began…..

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My extensive collection of Pinterest pins will inspire you with exciting new ideas……. My World Of Wood Crafts

Enjoy Your Wood Crafts!


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