How To Use Pinterest To Market Wood Crafts

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My Top Ten Tips For Success with Pinterest I use Pinterest for marketing, as it’s so cost effective and user friendly. Pinterest ranks third behind Google and YouTube as the most popular search engine. It can take a long time to rank highly in Google, especially in popular market sectors, and preparing effective YouTube videos entails a lot of preparation so Pinterest is an attractive alternative. You will see much faster results with Pinterest for less input. My aim with this post is to introduce you to the benefits of Pinterest, whilst passing on some tips along the way. My…

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Introducing Our Facebook Group….Creative Wood Crafts

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Creative Wood Crafts…….Our Facebook Group You can learn so much by being an active member of our Facebook Group. Showcase your latest projects Receive valuable feedback from potential customers Seek advice on tools, techniques, products, safety and much more Make valuable contacts with like minded, woodworking craftspeople So enjoy the fellowship of like minded people by joining Our Facebook Group

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16 Exciting Scrap Wood Project Plans

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Recycle Your Scrap Wood Into A Useful Gift We all have scrap wood piled in a corner of the workshop, or, in my case, in the roof space of the garage. There are so many useful things you can make for around the house, in the garden or for gifts. Here are some of the best ideas I have come across. These creative woodworkers have gone to a lot of trouble to share their ideas with us, so please support them wherever possible. Just click on the image to open each craftman’s site.             Candle Holders  Lots of great…

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The Age Old Pastime Of Whittling

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Introducing Whittling Whittling… age old pastime that goes back to the time of our distant ancestors. If you are feeling creative but have little space, no tools, no budget and little time, then whittling could be for you. The craft of whittling, the baby brother of carving, involves shaping a small piece of wood into an attractive design using a pocket or craft knife. So what do you need to explore the wonderful world of whittling? Your one and only tool is a knife. Choosing a Knife The traditioonal tool is a pocket knife,,,,the one you used to take to…

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Marquetry – An Medieval Woodworking Craft


Marquetry – A Brief History Marquetry can be traced back to Mesopotamia in around 2600BC, where ivory was inset in bitumen to create a picture of daily and royal life. The first recorded use of different wood veneers and semi precious stones to decorate furniture dates back to the court of the Pharoahs in Egypt. The craft crossed the Mediterraneum to Ancient Greece where it is described in Homer’s Odyssey Book 23 and it became even more sophisticated at the height of the Roman Empire. (Pliny The Elder: Book 16) In the 11th Century wood veneers were being used to…

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Intarsia – An Introduction to this Exciting Craft

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What is Intarsia? Intarsia uses different shapes, thicknesses and species of wood to form a mosiac like design with a 3D effect. The grain and colouring of various woods are used to create the picture or pattern. The pieces of wood, which are cut out with a scroll saw, interlock tightly together. History of Intarsia The art of Intarsia probably originates from East Asian ivory and wood inlay work. It spread to Islamic North Africa with the first Intarsia in Italy dating from 1430. This amazing self portrait. which was created by Antonio Barili in 1502, is made from pear,…

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