15 Exciting Ideas For Wooden Christmas Trees

Wooden Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Wooden Christmas Trees Which Use Recycled Materials

Here are lots of ideas for wooden Christmas Trees you can make at home. I have not included detailed instructions, just the basics, as I’m sure you can design them yourself now that you have seen the concept.

If you want to buy a Christmas Tree with real character look no further than Etsy.

Here’s a selection of the best Christmas trees I could find. Just click on the tree you are interested in to view full details.

Christmas tree wooden

Jamie Costiglio

The Shelf Tree

The basic dimensions are…..

Overall height  32″

6″ between shelves

21″ wide at bottom

Made out of 3″ x 1″ or 4″ x 1″

A ply back gives more stability

Christmas tree dowels


The Dowel Tree

All you need is two diameters of dowel and a circular ply base.

Great for displaying your beautiful ornaments.

Could be further enhanced with a string of lights.

Easy to dismantle and bring back to life next year.

Christmas tree trio


Trio Of Wooden Christmas Trees

Three trees for the price of one!

Depending on the height you make the trees, you could use timber from recycled pallets, however 4″ wide timber may look better for taller trees.




Christmas ornaments

hikendip.comTree For Ornaments

Tree of Ornaments

There could not be an easier tree to make.

Sand the pallet and stain it. Minmax dark walnut

Paint the tree….white acrylic

Screw in tiny cup hooks to hang the ornaments on



Christmas tree from pallet

David Hillegas

The Pallet Tree

Upcycle a timber pallet.

Sand and stain it

Paint green tree.

Decorate with pom poms

Country Chic Cottage

Country Chic Cottage

Wooden Slice Trees

3 bags of slices from Hobby Lobby make 2 trees




Christmas tree 24th


The Midnight Tree

Cut out the shape of the tree from ply;

Cover with black fabric….no needles with this tree!

Decorate with ornaments and lights





Christmas chalkboard

Ginger Snap Crafts

Chalk Board Wooden Christmas Trees

4″ square timber, 2 x 7″ and 1 x 10″ high

White chalk paint roughed up with sandpaper

Design your own trees




Wood Block Tree

Today’s Creative Life

Wood Block Tree

Out of 2″ square timber cut the following lengths……. 2″. 3″. 4″. 6″. 7″, 9″ and 10″

Paint with white chalkboard paint and sand

Use gold vinyl letters




Christmas tree outdoor

Funky Junk Interiors

Recycled Pallet Tree

Bottom board 28″ long. Height 38″

9 x 4″ deep boards.

Each board 4″ shorter than the last

Use chalkboard paint

Make simple stand


Pallet tree with shelves


Palette Tree With Shelves

This is a variation on the usual pallet tree as it has small shelves to put your Christmas ornaments on.

Yuo can also stain square blocks and decorate with snowflakes.







Snowman Pallet

I know it’s not a Christmas tree, but I couldn’t resist this snowman!

Sand a pallet and paint background with a black/grey paint.

Then paint the snowman with white chalkboard paint.

Daub the white paint with hessian so that the background colour comes through.


Floodlit trees

Pinterest lastucerie


Trees With Strings Of Lights

There is a video which shows you how to make these attractive trees.

Copy and paste this link in your browser


Rustic Marqee Tree

Lolly Jane

Rustic Marquee Tree

Stain new sheet of plywood  (Minmax Dark Walnut)

After drawing outline with pencil, mask off with tape.

Paint tree with white acrylic.

Drill holes for lights. Position lights, securing cabling with tape to back of board.

Embellish with fabric covered candy canes, pine cones and greenery

I hope you enjoy making your wooden Christmas tree using recycled materials…..so much better than paying a lot for a living tree.


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