About myself

A warm welcome to my blog.

I have had a varied career ranging from civil engineering to video production.

Val and I live in the beautiful county of Cheshire, UK

Our main interests are woodworking, gardening, walking and family history.

I bought my first PC in about 2002, but simply didn’t have enough time to build an online business. Now retired, I can devote more time to woodworking and blogging.

I have acquired a lot of online know how over the years, which has enabled me to create this blog.

My reasons for writing this blog are twofold. Firstly to show people what a magical material wood is. Secondly to showcase the wide range of opportunities that woodworking offers to generate a supplementary income in these difficult times.

Enjoy your woodworking!

Ian Clarke

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You can contact me through my personal email  [email protected]




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