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Affiliate Marketing – Finding The Most Profitable Products In Your Woodworking Niche

ffiliate arketing 2To be successful in Affiliate Marketing you need profitable products to sell and a platform to sell them from.

A large number of marketers use WordPress, as its so simple and flexible, and, of course, its free!

Several videos on YouTube show you how to install WordPress and to create posts to promote your products.

 One of the best videos I have come across is called WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – Build A Website Today 

It is quite long at 75 minutes, but you can dip in and out to find what you want.



I assume that, as you have landed on my site, you have decided on woodworking as your marketing niche. Now its a matter of finding the best products to sell in this sector.

There are a number of reputable companies, who act as intermediaries between the affiliate and the seller…..companies like Clickbank. JVZoo, ShareASale. Awin and Amazon. You can search for the best selling products relating to woodworking on these sites.

 If you are looking for a comprehensive training platform to help launch your new Affiliate Marketing business, look no further than Wealthy Affiliate. They are a long established, respected Company with a wide range of tutorials  and a supportive group of knowledgeable entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for other ways of making money whilst working from home I recommend you read  this excellent article which describes seven ways of generating cash.

Now lets start by looking for products on Clickbank.


One of the best affiliate facilitatorsHaving joined Clickbank, open the home page and click on the ‘Marketplace’ tab at the top and then select ‘Home & Garden’ on the left hand side. Look for ‘Find Products’ at the top and enter ‘Woodworking’.

Each product has its own stats listed below it……. Initial$/sale, Average %Sale, Average Rebill and Gravity.

The most important of these stats is Gravity as it shows how popular the product is. The greater the value, the more popular the product is.

A comprehensive explanation of these stats can be found by clicking on ‘Knowledge Base’.

If you click on the title of the product, shown at the top in red, you will see the advertising copy associated with the product….does it look professional….are there any testimonials?

Having selected the product you wish to promote, click on the red ‘Promote’ button on the right hand side. A popup window will appear in which you enter your Clickbank ID.

This enables the system to generate a Clickbank ‘Hoplink’… other words your personal affiliate ID link for that product.


One of the best affiliate facilitatorsOnce you have registered and told JVZoo how you want to get paid, I suggest you view this short video. It lists the following five steps to find a product to promote.

1. Register for free

2. Click on ‘Products’, then ‘Marketplace’. Select a ‘Category’ you’re interested in.

3. Make a list of the products you might like to promote, making sure they have a good track record.

4. Click request for approval to promote the product.

5. Copy your affiliate link

Many JVZoo vendors offer promotional materials, such as banners or sample emails for you to use in your advertising.

JVZoo also supports Warrior Special Offers (WSOs} which is run by the popular Warrior Forum.



one of the best affiliate facilitatorsAwin,  who are part of the giant Axel Springer advertising company, have been in business for over 20 years. They also own another affiliate facilitator, ShareASale.

I have included these companies in my overview as they are much respected within the affiliate industry.

They operate in the same way as Clickbank and JVZoo, so I won’t give you a detailed resume of how you select sellers from their portfolio.


The products on Amazon are of lower value than the ones you will find on other facilitator sites.

However they are suited to being promoted on a shop display site like the one offered by Amazon. You will need to sign on as an Amazon Associate.

Here is an excellent video on the subject….its called Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Step by Step Tutorial

To find the best sellers on Amazon for the woodworking niche, open the Amazon home page and click on ‘best sellers’ at the right hand end of the menu bar.

The best of luck with your affiliate marketing.

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