Cherry Blossom Time In Japan


    Cherry blossom time in Japan is magical, as nature presents its ultimate floral show. Trees offer us such a variety of materials for our crafts. but this display is beautiful beyond words. The flowering of cherry blossom trees, known as sakura in Japanese,  has been celebrated for over a thousand years in the country’s poetry, literature and art.

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Pyrography – Creating Awesome Wood Burning Artwork

Butterfly 1 1

Pyrography dates back to the heyday of many of the world’s great civilisations……The Egyptians, The Greeks, The Romans, The Nazca and Moche civilisations in Peru and the Han dynasty in China, where pyrography was known as ‘fire needle embroidery’.   The word pyrography originates from the Greek meaning ‘writing with fire’.

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5 Traditional Forest Crafts Dating Back Centuries

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Sadly, over the past 100 years, forest crafts have gradually died out due to the introduction of mass production and the creation of new materials. However the interest in forest crafts is flourishing through hobbyists enjoying craft courses and youngsters attending forest schools. 

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Green Woodworking….Tools, Products And Skills

Shave Horse Ben Orford

Green Woodworking is enjoying a revival now that the planting of trees is  recognised as an important way of reducing global warming. Indeed wood loving craftsmen of the past are now regarded as the first conservationists, as they harnessed the attributes of wood in a sustainable and renewable way.

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Deforestation Fuels Climate Change


Deforestation has been identified as a major factor contributing to global warming….the most pressing challenge the world faces this century. Through writing my blog I have come to realise what an important role trees have played through the centuries… For building our homes For generating warmth For building ships For the creation of great artwork

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How To Harness The Power Of Pinterest Pins and Boards

Pinterest boards

Pinterest Pins and Boards are at the heart of this social media/search engine platform. So I will start by sharing with you what I have learned about Pins and Boards whilst building ‘My World of Wood Crafts’. Before we look at Pins and Boards in detail, lets take a look at the background to Pinterest.

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Furniture Restoration – Introducing A Fascinating Craft

Old to New 1

Furniture Restoration repairs the ravages of time….stains, scrapes, loose joints……but with a little tender loving care you can restore furniture to its former glory and enhance its value. In its simplest form furniture restoration is applying a stripper, scraping the old finish off, sanding and applying an attractive, modern finish.

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