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Tips On Starting A Woodworking Business

Woodworking products which are easy to make and sell well are reviewed in this post.

Here are a few things to remember when you are beginning your business as a new woodworker…..

  • Work within your capabilities to create a product you would be proud to have in your own home

  • Don’t try to re-invent the wheel…..look at what other people are selling and adapt their ideas to create your own range

  • Only use materials of the highest quality

  • Just purchase tools  for the job in hand. You will soon build up a range of woodworking tools to deal with any eventuality.

Scroll down to the bottom of this article for further tips on starting a woodworking business.

Woodworking Projects

Here is a list of woodworking products you could start with, roughly graded from easy to more difficult.
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Coat Pegs

Coat Hooks

Etsy OurHometoYours2017


Source pegs which are a little different….

These are Victorian antique ceramic tipped pegs.

Offer them  in a range of lengths, number of hooks and finishes.

Straight Shelving/Alcove Shelving

Shelves 1


Made from upcycled scaffold boards

Available in a range of lengths and finishes

Alcove shelving is a particularly good seller as it has to be made to fit the customer’s alcove.

Note the type of bracket used for floating shelves.



Etsy RodneyAdamsMirrors

Offer any size the customer requires in a wide range of wood finishes…. Dark Oak, Teak, English Oak, Rustic Pine, Walnut, Old Pine, Cherry, Jacobean and Stripped Pine are some suggestions.

Take a look at this tutorial post


Radiator Shelves/Console Table

Console Table

Etsy UpcycleWithEmma

Hairpin legs, which are available from most large hardware stores, are used for this console table.

You should offer a range of lengths and heights for radiator shelves.

Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage


This shoe storage rack features a very useful design, having a padded seat, a drawer for the shoe polishes etc with space underneath for the shoes.

Probably best painted white to suit any decor.

Garden Planters

Garden Planters


Use pressured treated FSC certified timber.

Line the box with polythene to prevent the timber from rotting.

Lift the planter off the ground with round, pad feet.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Towel/Blanket Racks

Towel Ladder

Etsy Woods Vintage Home Interiors

Made from a reclaimed, old pine, roof beam. and subjected to an ageing process.

Remember to use eco-friendly paints.

Barrel Chairs

Barrel Bench

Etsy Oakbarrelscrafts

Recycled oak barrels can be sourced from Celtic Timber in the UK or the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Company in the US.

The back and seat are made from the staves of the barrel.

You can read my post on oak barrel furniture here

There is also my Pinterest board here

Pallet Garden Furniture

Pallet chair outdoor

Two person love chair blog.manomano.co.uk

You can make all sorts of things with recycled pallets….just have a look at this article

This love seat was made from four pallets in three hours.

Toy Boxes/Linen Chests

Toy box


Karl Pope shows you how it was done in a video.

Note how he has personalised it with the first name of the child it was made for.

Dining Chair

table hairpin legs

Facebook Marketplace

This table, with its hairpin legs, is probably the hardest in this collection for a novice to make.

This is partly due to the tools you will need to make a professional job……….. a circular saw, a sander and a lot of cramps.

The wood is upcycled scaffold boards.


Display Step Ladders

Display ladder 2

Etsy Display Ladder

You could make this display ladder with steps rather than trays.

Stain and varnish the wood to make it resistant to water.





Marketing and Delivering Your Products


If you are just starting your woodworking business you may be tempted to promote your products on sites like Etsy, Not On The High Street and Facebook Market Place/eBay.

However, initially, I would advise you to sell your products locally using a number of different methods….fliers, local publications, shop windows, business cards…..

There are several reasons for this approach…..

    • Minimal delivery costs without the risk of damaging the order.

    • Face to face contact with the customer to discuss their requirements and to measure up for their order will increase the chances of having a satisfied customer.

    • No fees payable to intermediaries


Customers favour eco-friendly products which use recycled timber.

Ensure you use FSC certified wood, which has been sourced from responsibly managed forests, where more trees are planted than cut down


Many products on websites offer ‘Free Delivery’, which has to be factored into the cost of the item.

Products can be delayed or damaged in transit, which causes more hassle for yourself and poor relations with the customer.


Personalising the product for the customer shows that it is a one off, craft made, and not a mass produced item.

Just burning the recipient’s initials into the wood using pyrography will often be sufficient.

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