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BiplaneA swing, featuring a biplane, will bring a smile to any child’s face.

This post provides a cutting list and step by step instructions to make a swing which you won’t see anywhere else.


List of Materials   

(all dimensions are in inches except where stated otherwise)

1 No. 2 x 4 x 8 foot

1 No. 1 x 8 x 8 foot

1 No. 1 x 6 x 10 foot

1″ Dowel. 6-8 inches long

Box of 2″ screws for external use

Handful of 11/4″ screws for external use

1 No 3″ lag screw for prop plus a few washers

Approximately 20′ of rope

1 No. 3″ screw eye

4 No. 3″ long eye lag bolts, plus washers

2 No rope clips

Plus finishing materials such as sandpaper, paint, glue….

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Cutting List

It’s probably worthwhile cutting all of the pieces to shape before you start assembling.


1 No 2 x 4 x 36″ long   (tapered to back)

2 No 1 x 8  x 36″ long  (tapered to back, rounded at front bottom)

1 No 1 x 6 x 301/2″ (seat)


1 No 1 x 6 x 12″ {rounded ends)

1 No 1 x 4 x 5″ (rounded top)


2 No. 1 x 6 x 30″ (rounded ends}

2 No 2 x 4 x 8 1/8″  (spacer boards)

Handle bar cut from scrap 1 x 6 with hole for 1″ dowel handle


Cut from 1 x 3 scrap




Airplane Joining wings

  • Cut 1 No. 2 x 4 to 36″ long

  • Cut 2 No. 1 x 8’s to 36″ long

  • Round one corner of the 2 No. 1 x 8’s

  • At the other end of the board measure down 31/2″ from the top and make a mark. (A)

  • Measure 23″ from the back toward the front and make a mark. (B)  Draw a line between A and B. Cut along this line.

  • Clamp the two side pieces together and sand them so that they are identical.

  • Join the three pieces together using glue and screws


  • Cut 2 No. 30″ lengths from the 1 x 6 and round the ends

Airplane Wings complete

  • Cut 2 No 2 x 4  x 81/8″ long which are connectors between the wings

  • Use a piece of 1 x 6, curved, for the handle bar area. Attach to the top wing by screwing from underneath

  • Screw and glue the wings and connectors together. Give the assembly a good sand



  • Cut 1 No. 1 x 6 to 12″ long with the ends curved to the same shape as the wings

  • Airplane nnnCut 1 No. 1 x 4 to 5″ long with one end rounded. Attach to the tail from underneath

  • Cut the seat board from a piece of 1 x 6 making it 301/2″ long and rounding the end

  • Cut the propeller from 1 x 3 scrap. It is attached to the 2 x 4 at the front after painting. Use some washers to ensure it spins freely.



    • Attach the tail with two screws and glue

    • Now attach the seat board

    • Airplane completely assembledFinally attach the wing section using 2 No. 11/4″ screws per side from under the wing into the seat.

    • Then use 2 No. 2″ screws per side through the bottom wing  into the 1 x 8 body boards.

    • Now sand the whole assembly thoroughly before applying a good quality exterior paint.


Hanging Arrangement

The Connecting Board’ at the top of the ropes is 24″ long  and made Airplane wide shotfrom a piece of pressure treated pine.

This board, which acts as a connecting point, has three eye lags, two pointing down and one pointing up. Rope clips hold the ropes together at each eye lag, which prevents the ropes from slipping. This arrangement also helps to keep the airplane level.

If you are hanging the airplane from the frame of an existing swing, then you can dispense with ‘Connecting Board’ and use chain quick links just above the rope clips. These links can then be attached directly to the existing steel or wood frame.

Airplane Hanging 2

Suspension of Swing


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