How To Harness The Power Of Pinterest Pins and Boards

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History and Overview of Pinterest Pinterest Pins and Boards are at the heart of this social media/search engine platform. So I will start by sharing with you what I have learned about Pins and Boards whilst building ‘My World of Wood Crafts’. Before we discuss Pins and Boards in detail, lets take a look at the background to Pinterest. History……. Conceived in 2009. Launched publicly in 2012 Status……..At present (December 2023) Pinterest is an independent, listed Company, although several companies have considered acquiring it.   Primary Audience Demographic……… US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ Size of membership…….478 million active users in…

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How Pinterest Can Explode Traffic Growth

Pinterest Board

Pinterest is so cost effective and user friendly. It ranks third behind Google and YouTube as the most popular search engine. It can take a long time to rank highly on Google, especially for popular market sectors. You will see much faster results with Pinterest for less input. My aim with this post is to introduce you to the benefits of Pinterest, whilst passing on some tips on how to generate more traffic. My Top Ten Tips So here are my top ten tips….. 1. Many people use Pinterest to gain inspiration for their hobbies, their home decor or lifestyle….

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How To Find Profitable Products For Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing – Finding The Most Profitable Products In Your Woodworking Niche To be successful in Affiliate Marketing you need profitable products to sell and a platform to sell them from. A large number of marketers use WordPress, as its so simple and flexible, and, of course, its free! Several videos on YouTube show you how to install WordPress and to create posts to promote your products.  One of the best videos I have come across is called WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – Build A Website Today  It is quite long at 75 minutes, but you can dip in and…

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Woodwork + Affiliate Marketing = A Great Match

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Affiliate Marketing and Woodworking Woodworking + Affiliate Marketing = A Great Income How can I justify this claim?   Today Affiliate Marketing accounts for sales of $12 billion across the globe with this huge sum  growing exponentially year on year. The value of products purchased through Affiliate Marketing, country by country, is illustrated by this graphic. As you know the pandemic has had a devastating effect on High Street shops as buyers flock to the internet. More and more retailers are realising that sales needn’t just come from their own website, but can be generated by an army of affiliate…

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