How Mental Health Is Improved Thro’ Hobbies Like Wood Crafts

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Using Wood Crafts To Help With Mental Health It is important in these difficult times to carry on with activities we enjoy.  Unfortunately we may not be able to take part in group sessions like keep fit classes, (UK June ’21) so we need to find an interest which keeps our minds active and that we can look forward to every day. Taking up a hobby could be the answer. Research shows that having a hobby lowers levels of depression……in fact it can eradicate feelings of depression completely. Drugs prescribed to alleviate depression are not always effective. Indeed they can…

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Keep Safe In The Woodworking Shop

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Follow These 12 Rules To Keep Safe It’s so easy to become complacent, or say ‘it couldn’t happen to me’ when it comes to safety. Good working practices should become second nature…..never let your guard down. Following these twelve common sense rules will make your time in the workshop much safer and more enjoyable. 1. Appropriate Safety Equipment Should Always Be Worn Continually assess the risks to your health when working in your shop. Some protective equipment is designed for a specific task. So do wear ear protectors when you are using very noisy tools such as routers and surface…

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