Three Exciting Jewelry Projects To Make

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Wooden Jewelry….It can look really expensive! Making jewelry needs very little space and only a small outlay. What’s more you can use innovative techniques to make your creations  look more expensive than they really are! This post features three jewelry items, a brooch, earrings and a necklace, which will show you the techniques used to create these popular pieces. Butterfly Brooch The Wings Two loops of wire make each set of wings. After laying them on parchment paper, flatten them out. Sprinkle glitter on the paper and apply Mod Podge’s Dimensional Magic. Sprinkle some more glitter on top and wait…

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Wooden Jewellery – An Introduction

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Wooden Jewellery….Creativity and Innovation At Its Best Making wooden jewellery is a highly creative and profitable craft to engage in. Wood is such a versatile material and so easy to work. There are two broad categories of wood……soft and hard. A softwood such as pine, Douglas fir, redwood, cedar and yew have a lower density than a hardwood. Hardwoods used in wooden jewellery are sycamore, boxwood, cherry, oak, walnut, maple, apple, pear and plum. Many of your customers will enquire whether your products come from a sustainable source, which is being replenished as quickly as it’s being used It makes…

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10 Best Books On Wooden Jewelry

Woodturning jewellry

  There are so many skills involved in making wooden jewelry……turning to carving, gilding to laminating and much more besides. This cornucopia of skills makes it difficult to know where to start. If you are a complete beginner then it is probably a good idea to pop down to the local library and absorb yourself in whatever style of jewelry excites you. This article suggests 10 books which encompass many of the skills you should be acquainted with. You will find them all at Amazon Books. 1. Creating Wooden Jewelry by Sarah King Introduces you to many useful techniques whilst…

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