Cable Reels……16 Great Ideas For Their Transformation

Barrel Swing rev1

    Cable Reels…. So Many Ideas For Recycling Cable reels can be upcycled in so many ways,,,, I hope this post will inspire you to create your own innovative designs.  Here are a few pros and cons when it comes to cable reel furniture….. Pros…… The wood has been treated with preservative, which penetrates deep into the fibres, so the cable reel will not rot. Although cable reels  may have been treated with insect repellent and anti-fungal products, any harmful properties will have been washed away over time by the weather. Larger cable reels are very heavy, which is…

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12 Best Selling Woodworking Projects

Teapot Bird House and Feeder

Tips On Starting A Woodworking Business Woodworking products which are easy to make and sell well are reviewed in this post. Here are a few things to remember when you are beginning your business as a new woodworker….. Work within your capabilities to create a product you would be proud to have in your own home Don’t try to re-invent the wheel…..look at what other people are selling and adapt their ideas to create your own range Only use materials of the highest quality Just purchase tools  for the job in hand. You will soon build up a range of…

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Wildlife Homes for 6 Animals and Birds


Wildlife Homes for Endangered Animals and Birds Many of our favourite animals and birds are under pressure through loss of their natural habitat or the depletion of the creatures they feed on. We can help their fight for survival by providing them with suitable homes. In this article I have outlined ways to build  wildlife homes for hedgehogs, tits, bugs, doves, barn owls and bats.   Hedgehog House The home of hedgehogs is at the bottom of hedgerows (surprise, surprise!), under fallen logs or in scrubland, particularly where you find brambles. Make sure you use untreated, unpainted, timber……..larch, Douglas fir…

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16 Exciting Scrap Wood Project Plans

Drinks holder

Scrap Wood Can Be Recycled Into Useful Gifts Scrap wood is usually piled in a corner of the workshop, or, in my case, in the roof space of the garage. There are so many useful things you can make for around the house, in the garden or for gifts.

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Barrel Brilliance: Transforming Discarded Whiskey Barrels into Stylish Furniture

Barrel Bar

  Whiskey Barrel Furniture Whiskey Barrel Furniture…..unique, robust and practical Whiskey barrel projects encompass a huge range of useful items from chandeliers to wine coolers and armchairs to wine racks. In a world that’s increasingly conscious of sustainability, repurposing materials has become a hallmark of innovative design. One such trend that’s making waves in the realm of eco-friendly furniture is the transformation of old barrels into stunning and functional pieces. These repurposed kegs bring a unique charm and character to your living space while reducing waste and promoting a greener lifestyle.     Sourcing Second Hand Barrels Look online for…

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Pallet Furniture………15 Great Projects To Make Yourself

coffee table

Pallets are made to last, so they are strong, as well as offering great value for money. You can create a wide range of pallet furniture, which is totally unique, including  tables, benches, beds, shelves, desks and many more household items. You can make them to the exact size you want, so they are truly bespoke.   Quality Wellness Products at Affordable Prices   Also An Outstanding Business Opportunity  at Where To Find Wooden Pallets Here are five places you can source free wooden pallets…… Large building supply stores Wholesale suppliers Building sites Supermarkets Industrial estates How To Dismantle A…

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15 Exciting Ideas For Wooden Christmas Trees

Christmas tree from pallet

Wooden Christmas Trees Wooden Christmas Trees Which Use Recycled Materials Here are lots of ideas for wooden Christmas Trees you can make at home. I have not included detailed instructions, just the basics, as I’m sure you can design them yourself now that you have seen the concept. If you want to buy a Christmas Tree with real character look no further than Etsy. Here’s a selection of the best Christmas trees I could find. Just click on the tree you are interested in to view full details. The Shelf Tree The basic dimensions are….. Overall height  32″ 6″ between…

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15 Small Woodworking Projects

woodworking ianclarke2

I have selected a wide range products you can make without a large workshop and with minimal experience or equipment. What’s more these suggestions not only make great presents, but also save you lots of money. In The Home This is a straightforward project if you can find a real barrel.   This is a cheeseboard which has been personalised as a wedding gift. You can refer to this post  to learn how to cut the letters, This board has been made from an olive tree which has reached the end of its productive life and has been replaced by…

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Woodworking Products……6 Ways To Increase Sales

Laser Cutting Finished plaque

Personalising Woodworking Products   Attracting More Customers Woodworking products which are personalised and are made from sustainable sources, will attract more customers and achieve a higher profit margin. The trick is to find an attractive, cost effective way of creating the lettering and to discover a sustainable source of timber for your woodworking creations. I have chosen some unique, handcrafted gifts you can buy from Etsy …..Just click on the image for full details of your selection. Personalising Your Offering Fortunately there are five techniques you can use to form letters in wood…..hand carving…..a Dremel drill……laser cutting…… pyrography…. and stencilling….

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Wood Craft Discoveries

Hare pendant

Wood Craft Discoveries Wood Crafts discovered On Instagram and Pinterest Here are some of the best examples of wood crafts, which I have discovered on Instagram and Pinterest. I have included the links to the websites where they can be purchased. I receive no commission for introducing you to them……I just want to highlight outstanding wood craft designs.     I have selected a range of unique, handcrafted gifts you can buy from Etsy …..Just click on the image for full details of your selection. Set of five animal stools….there are other designs on their website and you can buy…

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