Enhance Outdoor Living With 10 Self Build Projects

Drinks holder

Prepare for Outdoor Living with these DIY Projects To enjoy outdoor living does not cost a fortune. Here are a few ideas…. Patio Table Drinks Holder Patio table drinks holder Keep those valuable drinks cool with this cooler box made from a reclaimed pallet. Excellent step by step instructions and lots of photographs. FolkArt Home texture chalk paint was used to give a slight texture and a matte, distressed finish. The holder was given an antique appearance using a stain to distress the paint Hanging Wall Garden Hanging Wall Garden Brighten up those bare walls with this hanging garden. Reclaimed…

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15 Great Whiskey Barrel Furniture Projects

Barrel Bar

Whiskey Barrel Furniture…..unique, robust and practical Barrel furniture encompasses a huge range of useful items from chandeliers to wine coolers and armchairs to wine racks. The barrels have been made by skilled coopers out of seasoned oak, so they are extremely durable.   The Making of Barrels This old film shows the traditional way that barrels are made. Towards the end you will see how an apprentice is initiated into the Guild of Coopers   Sourcing Second Hand Barrels Look online for old barrels, or contact your local winery, distillery, or brewery. They just might be willing to sell you…

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Pallet Furniture………15 Great Projects To Make Yourself

coffee table

Pallet Furniture…..Easy To Make…Great Value Pallets are made to last, so they are strong, as well as offering great value for money. You can create a wide range of pallet furniture, which is totally unique, including  tables, benches, beds, shelves, desks and many more household items. You can make them to the exact size you want, so they are truly bespoke. Where To Find Wooden Pallets Here are five places you can source free wooden pallets…… Large building supply stores Wholesale suppliers Building sites Supermarkets Industrial estates Wide choice of home lifestyle products, working from home furniture, outdoor living, pet…

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15 Exciting Ideas For Wooden Christmas Trees

Christmas tree from pallet

Wooden Christmas Trees Which Use Recycled Materials Here are lots of ideas for wooden Christmas Trees you can make at home. I have not included detailed instructions, just the basics, as I’m sure you can design them yourself now that you have seen the concept.   The Shelf Tree The basic dimensions are….. Overall height  32″ 6″ between shelves 21″ wide at bottom Made out of 3″ x 1″ or 4″ x 1″ A ply back gives more stability The Dowel Tree All you need is two diameters of dowel and a circular ply base. Great for displaying your beautiful…

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15 Small Woodworking Projects

woodworking ianclarke2

Start With These Smaller Woodworking Projects I have selected a wide range products you can make without a large workshop and with minimal experience or equipment. What’s more these suggestions not only make great Christmas presents, but also save you lots of money. In The Home   This is a straightforward project if you can find a real barrel. You will find full instructions by opening this link.   This is a cheeseboard which has been personalised as a wedding gift. You can refer to this post  to learn how to cut the letters, This board has been made from…

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6 Ways To Increase Sales Of Your Woodworking Products

Laser Cutting Finished plaque

  Ways To Attract More Customers By personalising your woodworking products and making them from sustainable sources, you will attract more customers and achieve a higher profit margin. The trick is to find an attractive, cost effective way of creating the lettering and to discover a sustainable source of timber for your woodworking creations. Personalising Your Offering Fortunately there are five techniques you can use to form letters in wood…..hand carving…..a Dremel drill……laser cutting…… pyrography…. and stencilling. Here is my guide to the best videos and articles I have discovered on how to personalise your woodworking products using lettering. 1….

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Exciting Discoveries Made from Wood

Hare pendant

Discovered On Instagram Here are some of the best items, made in wood, which I have discovered on Instagram. I have included the links to the websites where they can be purchased. I receive no commission for introducing you to them……I just want to highlight outstanding designs where the primary material is wood.   Set of five animal stools….there are other designs on their website and you can buy just one stool, not necessarily the complete set. https://thewhoot.com/shop/childrens-wooden-animal-stools

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Wooden Toys….The Top 10 Books On How To Make Them Yourself

Toys plans fun plane

  Wooden toys, made yourself, show your love for a child more than anything else. The following ten sites contain a huge number of woodworking plans for you to choose from.   1. Aschi’s Workshop. Aschi’s have a huge range of plans for a wide range of toys….trucks, farm vehicles, aircraft, construction equipment, trains and cars.They can all be made with basic woodworking tools. 2. DIY and Crafts There are plans in Rustic Wooden Toys for toddlers to teens and even a few babies. These fabulous toys take you back in time. Many of them can be made from the…

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Create A Lovely Plant Stand

Projects Plant stand finished

Here are all the plans and instructions to build a lovely plant stand. This plan originates from an ebook called ‘The Art of Woodworking’ by Ted McGrath, which includes 40 plans and instructions. The ebook, which is entirely free, can be downloaded here.     Wide choice of home lifestyle products, working from home furniture, outdoor living, pet supplies and much more….with great discounts Plant or telephone table Tools and Materials List Cutting List Tray and Side Elevation Enjoyed these detailed plans and instructions? Then why not order 16,000 step by step woodworking plans from Ted McGrath. Each plan is…

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