Green Woodworking….Tools, Products And Skills

Green Woodworking…..An Introduction Green Woodworking is enjoying a revival now that the planting of trees is  recognised as an important way of reducing global warming. Indeed wood loving craftsmen of the past are now regarded as the first conservationists as they harnessed the attributes of wood in a sustainable and renewable way. Their methods not only enhanced the woodland they lived and worked in, but also created a habitat for a wealth of wildlife from birds to insects and from fungi to fauna. We will look at three aspects of a woodsman’s life…… The tools he uses The products he…

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How To Harness The Power Of Pinterest Pins and Boards

Pinterest boards

Pins and Boards Pins and Boards are at the heart of Pinterest, so I thought I would share with you what I have learned whilst building ‘My World of Wood Crafts’. Before we look at Pins and Boards in detail, lets take a look at the background to Pinterest. Pinterest Overview History……. Conceived in 2009. Launched publicly in 2012 Status,,,,,At present (October 2021) Pinterest is an independent, listed Company, although it is rumoured Paypal may be interested in acquiring them. Primary Audience Demographic……… US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ Size of membership…….478 million active users in March 2021 Gender……… 70% female,…

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