7 Steps To Create A Woodworking Business

Woodworker 7 Steps

  Creating A Woodworking Business 1. Decide on your Woodworking Niche Wood….what a wonderful material to work with…..so many different woods to choose from, each with its own characteristics and unique features. You can fashion wood into a wide spectrum of beautiful products….from a huge kitchen dresser to an attractive pendant, or a bird box to a rocking horse. Now is the time to step back and analyse which spectrum of the woodworking universe excites you the most. Whatever you choose, do enjoy your time in the workshop and be enthusiastic about what you make. Having decided on a product…

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Essential Woodworking Tools And Equipment

Woodworking Circular saws

Make Sure You Use The Best Woodworking Tools For The Job Woodworking may have been a hobby of yours through the years….but what if you could turn your hobby into a part or full time business? Perhaps now is the time to harness your skills,,,,why not supplement your income with a woodworking business. There are many ways to polish your knowledge…..evening classes, books, DVDs….I recommend the excellent series of video tutorials included in your membership of the ‘Fine Woodworking’ magazine. Previous posts have looked at the best place to establish a workshop at home and how your equipment should be…

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The Best Layout For A Woodworking Shop

Woodworking shop layout with flow

Positioning Your Woodworking Saw I hope that you have the luxury of fitting out a completely new woodworking workshop. as remodelling an existing one can cost time and money. Naturally the layout of your equipment depends on the type of work you are carrying out. Allow sufficient clearance around machines, such as your table saw, for the handling of large sheets of ply and long stock.

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Setting Up A Woodworking Shop At Home

Woodworking artist imp of wprkshop 1

  Where is your woodworking shop going to be located? First of all you should decide the type of woodworking product you are going to make. Will you be making tables, cupboards and furniture for the home, or are you more interested in fine woodworking, like turning, carving or scroll sawing.

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