Climate Change…..Deforestation And Fossil Fuels Are The Culprits


Climate change accelerated by deforestation

Deforestation has been identified as a major factor contributing to climate change….the most pressing challenge the world faces this century.

Through writing my blog I have come to realise what an important role trees have played through the centuries…

    • For building our homes

    • For generating warmth

    • For building ships

    • For the creation of great artwork


Now it has emerged that trees play a crucial role in regulating climate change.

Deforestation……the extermination of trees for personal and state gain ……is endangering life, as we know it, on this wonderful planet of ours.



The Reasons For Deforestation

Logging Forests cover over 30% of the earth’s surface, but deforestation is increasing at an alarming rate. About one billion acres of forest have been cut down in the past 20 years for a wide variety of reasons… rear cattle, to grow soya, to harvest timber for building materials………

Logging Truck 2

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Wildfires   Forests have been consumed by wildfires in many areas of the world…..Australia, The West Coast of the United States, Greece, South America……


Overgrazing Overgrazing by cattle prevents young trees from becoming established

Overgrazing 3

Why does it matter that so many trees are being lost? 

Not only do trees absorb the carbon dioxide created by humans and animals, but also the gases emitted through burning coal and other industrial activities.

Devastating flooding of our countryside and cities, which is caused by unprecedented rainfall and coastal flooding, due to a rise in sea levels, is attributed to climate change.

Flooding 2


An apocalyptic situation could arise if global temperatures get out of control,  This scenario could occur if insufficient trees are planted to absorb carbon dioxide.

80% of the earth’s animals, birds. insects and plants live in forests. Animals like the Sumatran Tiger and the orangutan face extinction due to deforestation.

The first famine, solely caused by climate change, has recently been declared in Madagascar.

The people living in sub-Saharan Africa have endured many years of drought resulting in crop failures.

Famine 2

Reducing the impact of climate change is a collective effort that involves individuals, communities, businesses, and governments. Here are some steps we can take to contribute:

Energy Efficiency: Use energy-efficient appliances, switch to LED lights, and consider renewable energy sources like solar or wind power to reduce carbon emissions.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Minimize waste by recycling materials, reusing items, and reducing unnecessary consumption. This conserves resources and lowers the energy required for production.

Sustainable Transportation: Opt for public transport, carpooling, biking, or walking. If possible, choose electric or hybrid vehicles to reduce fossil fuel consumption and emissions.

Conserve Water: Use water efficiently by fixing leaks, using water-saving appliances, and adopting mindful water habits. Water treatment and distribution require energy, so conserving water indirectly reduces carbon emissions.

Support Renewable Energy: Advocate for and support the transition to renewable energy sources. This can include lobbying for policies that promote clean energy and choosing renewable energy options for your home.

Plant Trees: Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, playing a crucial role in mitigating climate change. Fight deforestation,  support tree-planting initiatives and participate in local conservation efforts.

Global Deforestation

Educate and Raise Awareness: Spread awareness about climate change and its impacts. Encourage sustainable practices in your community and engage in discussions about climate action.

Choose Sustainable Products: Support companies that prioritize environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Look for products with eco-friendly certifications and minimal environmental impact.

Eat Sustainable: Adopt a plant-based diet or reduce meat consumption. The production of meat, especially beef, is associated with high carbon emissions. Choose locally sourced and sustainably produced food.

Carbon Footprint Offset: Consider offsetting your carbon footprint by investing in projects that reduce or capture greenhouse gas emissions. This can include supporting renewable energy projects or reforestation initiatives.

Participate in Advocacy: Get involved in climate advocacy groups or campaigns. Pressure policymakers to enact and enforce regulations that address climate change at local, national, and global levels.

Remember, every small action contributes to a larger positive impact. The key is collective effort and a commitment to sustainable living.

You may think that any action you take is so small that it won’t have any global effect on deforestation, but if all of us planted just one tree it would make a huge difference. So lets go out and plant our tree…….

How to Plant Your Tree

Dig a hole which will easily accommodate the roots. The depth of the hole should enable the tree to be planted to the same depth as it is growing in the pot.

Fork over the base of the hole and apply a dressing of fertiliser. With a friend holding the tree, drive the stake in.  It should be angled at 45 degrees with the top facing the prevailing wind.

Mix some soil with garden compost and backfill around the roots.  Firm the soil with your foot and water liberally whatever the weather conditions.


Install a tie. Ensure the spacer is located between the stake and trunk to prevent the trunk from rubbing on the stake.

The best time to plant your tree is in the autumn, as it can settle in and establish its roots before the growing season starts in the spring.

Here are some suggestions for the types of ornamental trees you could plant.

Continue to wage war on deforestation.


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