Essential Woodworking Tools And Equipment

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Make Sure You Use The Best Woodworking Tools For The Job

Woodworking Circular saws

DeWalt Circular Saw

Woodworking may have been a hobby of yours through the years….but what if you could turn your hobby into a part or full time business?

Perhaps now is the time to harness your skills,,,,why not supplement your income with a woodworking business. There are many ways to polish your knowledge…..evening classes, books, DVDs….I recommend the excellent series of video tutorials included in your membership of the ‘Fine Woodworking’ magazine.

Previous posts have looked at the best place to establish a workshop at home and how your equipment should be positioned in your work space. Now we will look at the hand tools and powered equipment you will need.

Essential Hand Tools

Two words of advice before spending your hard earned money….only buy the tools that you need for the job in hand and also purchase good quality tools.

Here is my list…….

Claw hammer

Set of chisels

Woodworking saw

Spear and Jackson Hand Saw

Hand saw with broad teeth



Mitre box


Woodworking Screwdrivers

Set of Screwdrivers

Set of screwdrivers flat and Philips






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Rubber mallet

Spring clamps

Spreader clamps

Woodworking ViceBench Vice


Measuring tape

Steel square

Hand Tools and Equipment 

Woodworking Corded drillCorded hand drill

Best Buy    Makita  HR2630

Value for money Bosch PSB650RE


Cordless drill

Best Buy   DeWalt dcd 776c1 Combi

Value for money  Bosch PSB 1800

Woodworking Circular saws

DeWalt Circular Saw

Circular saw


DeWalt DCS391B

Value for money

Black & Decker BDCCS20B


Plunge Router

Best Buy  Bosch POF 1400

Value for money   Ryobi R18TR-0  Cprdless

Woodworking Jigsaw corded

DeWalt Jigsaw

Cordless Jigsaw

Best Buy

DeWalt DCS331B

Corded Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E

Table Saws

Best reviews

Woodworking Table saw

Bench Saw

Portable  DeWalt DW7480/XA

Portable Bosch 4100-10

Contractor DeWalt DWE7491RS

Cabinet  SawStop  PCS175-TCP236



Woodworking belt sander

Makita Belt Sander

Belt Sander

Best Buy Makita  9404/2

Value for money   Black & Decker KA900E


Orbital Surface Sander

Best Buy   DeWalt  D26410

Value for money   Bosch PEX 220

These are the essential tools required to start a woodworking business, which plans to make furniture. You can always add to your range of tools as your business expands.


TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects  

You maybe interested in other branches of woodworking which don’t require so much initial expense and take up far less space……wooden jewelry, toys and automata to name just a few.

Here are two posts I have written on toys and automata…….

Wooden Toys….The Top 10 Books On How To Make Them Yourself

Toy Automata To Whirligigs….The 10 Best Books

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