Wooden Toys….Top 9 Books On How To Make Them


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Wooden toys, made yourself, show your love for a child more than anything else.

There are many reasons why wooden toys are better. They’re long-lasting and more durable.

They cause less waste than plastic toys. …

The truth is that good quality, eco-friendly wooden toys don’t contain PVC, phthalates, or similar chemicals used in plastic toys.

So there are many reasons you should choose a wooden toy for your child.

The following ten sites contain a huge number of woodworking plans for you to choose from.

1. Aschi’s Workshop.


Aschi’s Workshop – tractor

Aschi’s have a great selection of wooden toys to choose from….trucks, farm vehicles, aircraft, construction equipment, trains and cars.

They can all be made with basic woodworking tools.


2. DIY and Crafts

Toys Plans Rustic plans

Rustic Wooden Toys

There are plans in Rustic Wooden Toys for toddlers to teens and even a few babies.

These fabulous wooden toys take you back in time.

Many of them can be made from the left overs from previous projects



If you want to buy a toy which is a little different, look no further than Etsy.

Here’s a selection of the wooden best toys I could find. Just click on the toy you are interested in to view full details.

3 Craftsman’s Space

Craftsman’s Space

Toys plans fun plane

Craftsman’s Space

ffer a wide range of plans for many traditional toys…..old timer car, passenger plane, periscope, rocking airplane, animal figurines, snowman and many more……



4. Easy Carpentry Book For Children

Toys plans book kids

Easy Carpentry Projects

15 great woodworking projects for your children to make……sailboat, bird feeder, coaster, steam boat, toy sled, tie rack, book rack, table lamp, clock shelf, candlesticks, towel holder, cart, birdhouse, shoeshine kit, bird box. Available from Amazon Books





5 Ted McGrath’s Plans For Wooden Toys

Toys images Pig clock Ted McGrath

Ted McGrath’s Art of Woodworking

Available in ‘The Art Of Woodworking’ by Ted McGrath which you can download free here

How to guide to woodworking skills

440 pages, 40 plans. All completely free.


6 Advanced Toy Patterns

Toys plans Advanced Toy plans

Advanced Toy Patterns

52 Advanced Toy Patterns

How to make wooden educational toys at home

Plans with full instructions

119 pages. Printable. Instant download




7. Making Wooden Toys

Toys plans 12 Plans James T Stasio

Making Wooden Toys

Making wooden toys, first published in 1987.

12 Easy to do projects

Full size templates





8 Great Book of Wooden Toys

Toys Plans Great book..

Great Book of Wooden Toys

Great Book Of Wooden Toys  has 37 three dimensional projects, each complete with exploded illustrations, material lists and step by step instructions.

Over 125 photographs show how everything goes together.

Special chapter on finishing and painting


9 Cherry Tree Toys

Toys plans Cherry tree rocker pony

Cherry tree Toys

Woodworking plans, kits and supplies from

Cherry Tree Toys

Specialise in toys that children can ride on.

Rocking tractor, Roaring motorbike rocker, Rocker pony, Red Baron Aircraft rocker, Motorcycle, Stage coach and Mustang pedal car.


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