How Mental Health Is Improved Thro’ Hobbies Like Wood Crafts

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How Mental Health Is Improved Thro’ Hobbies

Mental health can be improved so much by pursuing hobbies like woodworking.

It is important in these difficult times to carry on with activities we enjoy. 

Taking up a hobby could be the answer. Research shows that having a hobby lowers levels of depression……in fact it can eradicate feelings of depression completely.

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Drugs prescribed to alleviate depression are not always effective. Indeed they can make matters worse. Doctors now recognise that pursuing a hobby can have a positive effect on your mental health.

The reason why hobbies make you feel more content is all about the woodworking ianclarke 5 1reward system in your brain. Chemical messengers, known as neurotransmitters, are released, which give you a feeling of pleasure.


Once the brain has experienced an initial feeling of pleasure, it will want to repeat the activity/hobby in order to experience further enjoyment.

Perhaps you have enjoyed wood crafts in the past, but have let things slip recently. Now is the perfect time to resume your interest. It will certainly improve your mental health if you are unlucky enough to have a problem.

Suggested Wood Crafts To Improve Mental Health

Here are my suggestions for the wood crafts you can enjoy, at home, on a small budget and even if you have very little space….


Laser cut earringsThere are several different methods you can use for making wooden jewellery……..Inlay, Carved, Turned, Laser Cut, Veneers and using Found Objects.

I have written the following posts which you may find interesting Wooden Jewellery – An Introduction

Three Exciting Jewellery Projects To Make

10 Best Books On Wooden Jewellery

There is also my Pinterest board where you can pick up lots of ideas.


Toy Making

Elephant Puzzle 1There is no better feeling than to watch a child unwrap a parcel to reveal a toy that you have made. The look on their face will amply reward you for your hard work.

Make sure that your toys are safe and eco-friendly by using food colouring finishes, natural materials and that there are no sharp corners.

There are many books on toy making; the best of which I have listed in this post.


BirdMarquetry is the creation of pictures using veneers of different coloured woods. It reached its peak of popularity in France during the late 1600s.

You can buy marquetry kits, which either have selected sheets of veneer or have pre-cut pieces.

I have written this post on marquetry or you can visit my Pinterest board


Skull resized againThe word ‘pyrography’ is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘burning with fire’. Monochromatic designs, such as geometric patterns, wildlife and pets are particularly good subjects for this art form.

The best  soft wood to use is either pine, maple or ash. You can source a wide choice of free patterns on the internet.

To learn more about pyrography take a look atWood Burning for Beginners’

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects


Horses headIntarsia is similar to marquetry except you use thicker pieces of wood with a variety of colors and grains. you cut the wood on a scroll saw, rather than with a craft knife.

The use of different thicknesses of wood, which interlock together, creates a picture with a 3D effect.

My post features a series of tutorial videos, which show you exactly how to make a picture of a sea shell.

I very much hope that one of these Wood Crafts will help you with any problems you may have.

Do not suffer in silence. Reach out now.

The leading mental health charity in the UK is MIND.

If you have mental health problems, please call their information line on 0300 123 3393

You can receive confidential support by text. Contact SHOUT by texting 85258. This a free, 24/7, text service. It is not a MIND service.

My very best wishes


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I have always loved wood crafts. In my teens it was model gliders, ships in bottles, puppets, wooden toys.... Then I had to earn a crust and became a civil engineer designing and building bridges, motorways, schools...until I became a video producer. On retiring I started making dolls houses but now I am a blogger concentrating on my love of wood.
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