My World Of Wood Crafts – An Introduction

Wood Crafts….An Introduction To My Passion

Me blue jumperA warm welcome to my blog.

You can contact me on my personal email at [email protected] Any thoughts about my blog…..good or bad….are very welcome.

I have had a varied career ranging from civil engineering to video production.

Val and I live in the beautiful county of Cheshire, UK

Our main interests are wood crafts, gardening, walking and family history.

I bought my first PC in about 2002, but simply didn’t have enough time to build an online business. Now retired, I can devote more time to wood crafts and blogging.

I have acquired a lot of online know how over the years, which has enabled me to create this blog.

My reasons for writing this blog are threefold.

woodcrafts wooden spoonFirstly to show people what a magical material wood is.

Secondly to showcase the wide range of opportunities that wood crafts  offer to generate a supplementary income in these difficult times.

Thirdly to promote the wonderful opportunities that many different Wood Crafts offer.

How My Passion For Wood Crafts Began

wood crafts letter rack


Wood Crafts have always interested me. My first woodworking project was a letter rack, which I made in my woodworking class at school when I was about eight.




Throughout my teenage years I was always making something….ships in bottles, a puppet theatre, a multi storey car park, gliders, dolls houses….

wood crafts dolls house

One of my dollshouses

When I retired forty years later I was determined to rekindle my interest in wood crafts. Initially I went back to making dolls houses, which has now broadened to other woodworking projects.



Finding plans to work to has been a major problem in the past. That’s why discovering this amazing collection of woodworking plans, complied by Ted McGrath, has been such a eureka moment. 


TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects


Now I have thousands of ideas and plans literally at my fingertips. Whether you are new to woodworking or a seasoned pro you will find a vast number of designs to choose from.

Each design has well written instructions, detailed plans and step by step illustrative shots of construction in progress.

So Why Should You Take Up Wood Crafts?

Here are just a few of the benefits……

  • Whatever you choose to make will be completely unique

  • You will achieve a sense of achievement, which will boost your self esteem

  • A part time wood crafts business can generate a substantial part time income

  • Woodworking requires a degree of physical effort and mental agility, which will improve your overall fitness.

You may be interested in other posts I have written…….

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I very much hope you enjoy whatever wood craft you take up.

Enjoy your woodworking!

Ian Clarke

wood crafts Ian clarke





You can contact me through my personal email  [email protected]




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I have always loved wood crafts. In my teens it was model gliders, ships in bottles, puppets, wooden toys.... Then I had to earn a crust and became a civil engineer designing and building bridges, motorways, schools...until I became a video producer. On retiring I started making dolls houses but now I am a blogger concentrating on my love of wood.
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