Cable Reels……16 Great Ideas For Their Transformation

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Cable Reels Cable Reels Are Not Just Overgrown Cotton Bobbins There are so many ways of upcycling cable reels,,,,I hope this post will inspire you to create your own innovative designs. Here are a few pros and cons when it comes to cable reel furniture….. Pros…… The wood has been treated with preservative, which penetrates deep into the fibres, so the reel will not rot. Although reels  may have been treated with insect repellent and anti-fungal products, any harmful properties will have been washed away over time by the weather. Larger reels are very heavy, which is a major deterrent…

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How Mental Health Is Improved Thro’ Hobbies Like Wood Crafts

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Hobbies To Improve Mental Health Using Wood Crafts To Help With Mental Health It is important in these difficult times to carry on with activities we enjoy.  Unfortunately we may not be able to take part in group sessions like keep fit classes, (UK June ’21) so we need to find an interest which keeps our minds active and that we can look forward to every day. Taking up a hobby could be the answer. Research shows that having a hobby lowers levels of depression……in fact it can eradicate feelings of depression completely.   Christmas is fast approaching so I…

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12 Best Selling Projects For New Woodworkers

Coat Hooks

Best Sellers Woodworkers Products…..Easy To Make….Which Sell Well Here are a few things to remember when you are beginning your business as a new woodworker….. Work within your capabilities to create a product you would be proud to have in your own home Don’t try to re-invent the wheel…..look at what other people are selling and adapt their ideas to create your own range Only use materials of the highest quality Just purchase tools  for the job in hand. You will soon build up a range of woodworking tools to deal with any eventuality. Scroll down to the bottom of…

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Wildlife Homes for 6 Endangered Animals and Birds


Wildlife Homes Wildlife Homes for Endangered Animals and Birds Many of our favourite animals and birds are under pressure through loss of their natural habitat or the depletion of the creatures they feed on. We can help their fight for survival by providing them with suitable homes. In this article I have outlined ways to build  wildlife homes for hedgehogs, tits, bugs, doves, barn owls and bats. If you want to buy a bird box for a Christmas present there’s no better place to look than Etsy. Here’s a selection of the best bird boxes I could find. Just click…

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8 Unusual Wood Crafts

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Unusual Wood Crafts Wood Crafts with a Difference There are so many different avenues you can follow if you are interested in Wood Crafts. I hope this article inspires you to enjoy a wood craft which you may not have considered before. Many of the crafts mentioned below have books written about them. I can only scratch the surface and point you in the direction of useful resources, like books, videos and posts.   Christmas is fast approaching so I have selected a range of unique, handcrafted gifts you can buy from Etsy …..Just click on the image for full…

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6 Popular Wood Crafts Reviewed

Toys plans Cherry tree rocker pony

Popular Wood Crafts My Review of Popular Wood Crafts I have already written about these wood crafts in previous articles, so I have dedicated this post to answering specific questions about each craft, such as……. Equipment required Working space Return on time and investment Christmas is fast approaching so I have selected a range of unique, handcrafted gifts you can buy from Etsy …..Just click on the image for full details of your selection and many other suggestions Woodturning The main outlay required to commence woodturning is the acquisition of a lathe. There is a world of difference between the…

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