Wood Crafts A to Z …………Part 1… A to L

Woodworker Marquetry

Wood crafts described letter by letter from A to L A…….Automata  Making wooden toys, which can be animated by a series of hidden cogs, gears and pullies, has been around for centuries. The amazing contraption featured in this video illustrates what can be achieved by a skilled craftsman….. Catch Me If You Can Companion post Toy Automata To Whirligigs B……..Beads Wooden beads can be very useful in jewelry making. You can color wash and decorate them to create an exciting range of necklaces and bracelets. Companion post Three Exciting Jewelry Projects C…….Carving   The finest examples of wood carving can be…

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Three Exciting Jewelry Projects To Make

Dragonfly 4

Wooden Jewelry….It can look really expensive! Making jewelry needs very little space and only a small outlay. What’s more you can use innovative techniques to make your creations  look more expensive than they really are! This post features three jewelry items, a brooch, earrings and a necklace, which will show you the techniques used to create these popular pieces. Butterfly Brooch The Wings Two loops of wire make each set of wings. After laying them on parchment paper, flatten them out. Sprinkle glitter on the paper and apply Mod Podge’s Dimensional Magic. Sprinkle some more glitter on top and wait…

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Enhance Outdoor Living With 10 Self Build Projects

Drinks holder

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Prepare for Outdoor Living with these DIY Projects To enjoy outdoor living does not cost a fortune. Here are a few ideas…. Patio Table Drinks Holder Patio table drinks holder Keep those valuable drinks cool with this cooler box made from a reclaimed pallet. Excellent step by step instructions and lots of photographs. FolkArt Home texture chalk paint was used to give a slight texture and a matte, distressed finish. The holder was given an antique appearance using a stain to distress the paint Hanging Wall Garden Hanging Wall Garden Brighten up those bare walls…

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Scooter For A Small Child

Girl on scooter

Scooters……a child’s first wheels Scoo ters have come a long way since I was a kid. Nowadays they are shiney chrome with an electric motor……when I was growing up they were  made of wood and you had to provide the foot power. This is the style of scooter I’m going to describe today……a retro scooter for a small child.     Wood Our scooter is made from pine, which is sealed and varnished. The wood required is…… For the Runner Boards, Handlebar and Handle Bar Upright 11/4″ x 11/2″ PAR For the Neck      2″ x 3″ For the Platform     3/4″…

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Swing That Makes You Fly


Swing which flies! Making a swing for any child is a true labour of love, but when it’s for your own child or grandchild, then that’s extra special. A swing, featuring a biplane, will bring a smile to any child’s face. List of Materials    (all dimensions are in inches except where stated otherwise) 1 No. 2 x 4 x 8 foot 1 No. 1 x 8 x 8 foot 1 No. 1 x 6 x 10 foot 1″ Dowel. 6-8 inches long Box of 2″ screws for external use Handful of 11/4″ screws for external use 1 No 3″ lag…

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How To Use Pinterest To Market Wood Crafts

Pinterest Board

My Top Ten Tips For Success with Pinterest I use Pinterest for marketing, as it’s so cost effective and user friendly. Pinterest ranks third behind Google and YouTube as the most popular search engine. It can take a long time to rank highly in Google, especially in popular market sectors, and preparing effective YouTube videos entails a lot of preparation so Pinterest is an attractive alternative. You will see much faster results with Pinterest for less input. My aim with this post is to introduce you to the benefits of Pinterest, whilst passing on some tips along the way. My…

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