Keep Safe In The Woodworking Shop

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Follow These 12 Rules To Keep Safe It’s so easy to become complacent, or say ‘it couldn’t happen to me’ when it comes to safety. Good working practices should become second nature…..never let your guard down. Following these twelve common sense rules will make your time in the workshop much safer and more enjoyable. 1. Appropriate Safety Equipment Should Always Be Worn Continually assess the risks to your health when working in your shop. Some protective equipment is designed for a specific task. So do wear ear protectors when you are using very noisy tools such as routers and surface…

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Wooden Jewellery – An Introduction

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Wooden Jewellery….Creativity and Innovation At Its Best Making wooden jewellery is a highly creative and profitable craft to engage in. Wood is such a versatile material and so easy to work. There are two broad categories of wood……soft and hard. A softwood such as pine, Douglas fir, redwood, cedar and yew have a lower density than a hardwood. Hardwoods used in wooden jewellery are sycamore, boxwood, cherry, oak, walnut, maple, apple, pear and plum. Many of your customers will enquire whether your products come from a sustainable source, which is being replenished as quickly as it’s being used It makes…

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15 Small Woodworking Projects

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Start With These Smaller Woodworking Projects I have selected a wide range products you can make without a large workshop and with minimal experience or equipment. What’s more these suggestions not only make great Christmas presents, but also save you lots of money. In The Home   This is a straightforward project if you can find a real barrel. You will find full instructions by opening this link.   This is a cheeseboard which has been personalised as a wedding gift. You can refer to this post  to learn how to cut the letters, This board has been made from…

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6 Ways To Increase Sales Of Your Woodworking Products

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  Ways To Attract More Customers By personalising your woodworking products and making them from sustainable sources, you will attract more customers and achieve a higher profit margin. The trick is to find an attractive, cost effective way of creating the lettering and to discover a sustainable source of timber for your woodworking creations. Personalising Your Offering Fortunately there are five techniques you can use to form letters in wood…..hand carving…..a Dremel drill……laser cutting…… pyrography…. and stencilling. Here is my guide to the best videos and articles I have discovered on how to personalise your woodworking products using lettering. 1….

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Woodturning…….An Introduction

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Wood…….What A Wonderful Material Wood is such a rewarding material to work with. There are so many different woods, each having their own characteristics…..colour, grain. knots, workability In depth books have been written about woodturning, so this article can only be an introduction to a truly fascinating craft. I have included a series of tips, links to YouTube videos and a bibliography of useful books at the end of this article. Tips and Tricks 1. Keep Your Tools Sharp It is so important to keep your tools sharp by using a bench grinder or, better still, a slow speed wet…

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10 Best Books On Wooden Jewelry

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  There are so many skills involved in making wooden jewelry……turning to carving, gilding to laminating and much more besides. This cornucopia of skills makes it difficult to know where to start. If you are a complete beginner then it is probably a good idea to pop down to the local library and absorb yourself in whatever style of jewelry excites you. This article suggests 10 books which encompass many of the skills you should be acquainted with. You will find them all at Amazon Books. 1. Creating Wooden Jewelry by Sarah King Introduces you to many useful techniques whilst…

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7 Steps To Create A Woodworking Business

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  Creating A Woodworking Business 1. Decide on your Woodworking Niche Wood….what a wonderful material to work with… many different woods to choose from, each with its own characteristics and unique features. You can fashion wood into a wide spectrum of beautiful products….from a huge kitchen dresser to an attractive pendant, or a bird box to a rocking horse. Now is the time to step back and analyse which spectrum of the woodworking universe excites you the most. Whatever you choose, do enjoy your time in the workshop and be enthusiastic about what you make. Having decided on a product…

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Exciting Discoveries Made from Wood

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Discovered On Instagram Here are some of the best items, made in wood, which I have discovered on Instagram. I have included the links to the websites where they can be purchased. I receive no commission for introducing you to them……I just want to highlight outstanding designs where the primary material is wood.   Set of five animal stools….there are other designs on their website and you can buy just one stool, not necessarily the complete set.

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Essential Woodworking Tools And Equipment

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Make Sure You Use The Best Woodworking Tools For The Job Woodworking may have been a hobby of yours through the years….but what if you could turn your hobby into a part or full time business? Perhaps now is the time to harness your skills,,,,why not supplement your income with a woodworking business. There are many ways to polish your knowledge…..evening classes, books, DVDs….I recommend the excellent series of video tutorials included in your membership of the ‘Fine Woodworking’ magazine. Previous posts have looked at the best place to establish a workshop at home and how your equipment should be…

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Toy Automata to Whirligigs….The 10 Best Books

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Automating models and toys has fascinated generations from the Ancient Greeks to the present day. This short video by Stuart King called ‘Catch Me If You Can‘ illustrates the humour, design and craftsmanship that is required to make an automaton.       Many books have been written about creating automated toys in wood… are ten of the best. 1. Making Moving Toys and Automata Lots of different construction methods are explained including oscillating shafts, links and linkages. levers and fulcrums, balance and movement, springs. shafts amd cams, momentum and control. Many illustrations, including how to make this dragon on…

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