How Pinterest Can Explode Traffic Growth

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Pinterest is so cost effective and user friendly. It ranks third behind Google and YouTube as the most popular search engine.

It can take a long time to rank highly on Google, especially for popular market sectors.

You will see much faster results with Pinterest for less input. My aim with this post is to introduce you to the benefits of Pinterest, whilst passing on some tips on how to generate more traffic.


My Top Ten Tips

So here are my top ten tips…..

1. Many people use Pinterest to gain inspiration for their hobbies, their home decor or lifestyle. As it uses images to attract attention, you should choose products or services to promote which are visually appealing, such as fashion, cookery or interior design.

2. Bear in mind that 70% of your audience are female, predominantly living in the US and 80% will be viewing your offering on a mobile.

3. Pinterest works hand in glove with your blog or shop front. You need at least 10 to 20 posts on your blog to leverage its power.

Fortunately Pinterest is compatible with Shopify and BigCommerce.

canva Green shirt planing rev

A pin created using Canva

4. Pins are at the heart of Pinterest’s advertising platform. You can repin other peoples’ pins or create your own pins.

The recommended ratio being around 80 repins to 20 of your own pins.

Pinterest will reward you for being active on the site by showing your pins to other members of the community, who are interested in your market sector.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

The great advantage of pins is their durability, as they are readily accessible for weeks if not months to come, whereas Instagram images are here today and gone tomorrow.

Here are several pins I created using Canva…..

Pinterest Board

Pins created using Canva

5. Canva is the best tool for creating pins…..the free version is more than adequate for designing great pins. The best performing pins are 1000 pixels wide x 1500 pixels high. Use large, bold text over a relevant image.

6. You should sign up for a Pinterest business account if you are planning to sell products….it’s free. Now you can place ads and gain access to sophisticated analytics.

Here is a selection of my boards devoted to Wood Crafts. You can open the page here

Boards from Pinterest

Selection of my Pinterest boards

7. Pinterest enables you to look at the boards and pins of market leaders in your business sector.

You can see how they have designed their most successful pins and use this knowledge to create pins which are proven to attract the eyeballs of potential customers.


8. Pinterest owns a Company called Tailwind, whose primary role is to facilitate the scheduling of pins and to provide analytical data on the performance of pins. Although Tailwind charge a fee for their services, it would be difficult to run a successful ad campaign without them.

9. Tailwind’s scheduling facility automatically determines the best time for your pin to be posted in any country throughout the world, thus ensuring maximum exposure.

Tailwind also has Communities, which are similar to Google Groups. You have to repin other people’s pins in a prescribed ratio before you can pin your own.


10. This short post only points you in the direction of Pinterest. There are many tutorials which you can find on the Pinterest and Tailwind 

YouTube also has a large number of videos on the subject… favourite YouTuber is Anastasia Blogger. She has over 60 videos and several courses on how to harness the power of Pinterest.

I hope you have found my post of interest (no pun intended!)…..Happy Pinning!

Affiliate Marketing To Promote Wood Crafts’ is the most relevant Pinterest board for this post.

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