6 Popular Wood Crafts Reviewed

5 crafts review


Lion created using Intarsia

Wood Crafts in this post have been reviewed with specific questions in mind such as……

    • Equipment required

    • Working space

Return on time and investment




Young Man woodturning 1Woodturning

The main outlay required to commence woodturning is the acquisition of a lathe.

There is a world of difference between the cost of a lathe used by a part time woodturner to make individual items to supplement their income (£300) and a CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) lathe (£3,000 -£12,000) that can turn out hundreds of balusters a day.

On top of this expense is the purchase of a good set of chisels and gouges, Woodturning toolswhich will set you back around £70.

The corner of a garage would provide sufficient space if you are just setting out on your woodturning journey.

You can sell your work on online sites such as Etsy and Not On The High Street or at local craft markets.

Read my article on woodturning

Recycled Furniture

Barrel Bottle StorageIt takes many years of experience and a lot of expensive equipment to become a respected maker of quality furniture.

However furniture can be made with just basic tools and know how. I am thinking of barrel and pallet furniture.

You only have to search forpallet furniture‘ or ‘barrel furniture‘ on Pinterest or Instagram to see what I mean. Many of the illustrations have detailed tutorials on how to make particular items

Good news! You are recycling materials, which would have been burnt. Even better news! You don’t have the expense of buying new timber.


TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Scroll Work

There are several excellent benefits to using a scroll saw…..Wen Scroll Saw

      • It takes up very little space, so at a pinch you could use it in a spare bedroom…..the only problems being dust and noise.

      • After a little practise you can turn out a lot of product very quickly. Most of your time will be taken up finishing your creations.

      • The cost of a good scroll saw is very reasonable….anything from £100 to £300.

There is a huge range of small items you can make with a scroll saw as you can see from 56 Simple Scroll Saw Patterns

Wooden Jewelry

Wood has inherent beauty, which requires little or no enhancement.

The  variety of grain and color in  common woods such as birch, cherry, oak, maple and pine makes each piece of wood visually attractive.

Veneer pendantMore exotic woods like lacewood, rosewood, koa, wenge, ebony zircote and zebrawood will inspire exciting new design ideas.

Visit this site to see the grains and colors in a wide range of woods.

If you want to enhance your jewelry, you can dye, paint or employ woodworking techniques like laser engraving and pyrography.

Jewelry ttols


As a newcomer to jewelry you will need to purchase a set of basic tools of the highest quality you can afford.

Your jewelry making armoury should include chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, bead stoppers and crimping tools.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Toy Making

These simple toys have been designed for 2 to 6 year olds, who gain so muchWooden toys 5 from imaginative play.

They feature the following characteristics……

      • They are small so that little hands can hold and carry them with ease

      • The toys have basic shapes that little ones will recognize

      • No finish is applied, which reduces the possibility of allergic reactions and being natural wood the toys will not harbour bacteria as a coated surface could.

      • The preferred wood for these toys to be made from is beech.Wood toys 2

      • The toys lend themselves to simple embellishment. For example, you could inlay a small piece of veneer to highlight the headlights of a car.

      • Only off cuts are used, so they are cheap and quick to make


    This short video, How To Make Wooden Toysis an excellent introduction to toy making.

    To make this toy in large numbers you will need a bandsaw, which costs around £150 to £200,

    Marquetry and Intarsia

    Both of these crafts are very rewarding as a hobby, but creating pictures will show a very poor return on the time spent.

    However you can purchase strips of prefabricated inlay or motifs to emblish new or recycled furniture

    Marquetry banding

    Example of marqutry banding

    You can find a wide range of banding designs at Naturtrend

    Marqetry box for jewelry

    This jewelry box was made using prefabricated banding and a bird motif from QJS Marquetry

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    The links to my articles on Marquetry and Intarsia are as follows….

    Marquetry – A Medieval Woodworking Craft

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I have always loved wood crafts. In my teens it was model gliders, ships in bottles, puppets, wooden toys.... Then I had to earn a crust and became a civil engineer designing and building bridges, motorways, schools...until I became a video producer. On retiring I started making dolls houses but now I am a blogger concentrating on my love of wood.

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