16 Exciting Scrap Wood Project Plans

Scrap Wood

Scrap Wood Can Be Recycled Into Useful Gifts

Scrap wood is usually piled in a corner of the workshop, or, in my case, in the roof space of the garage.

There are so many useful things you can make for around the house, in the garden or for gifts.

Here are some of the best ideas I have come across. These creative woodworkers have gone to a lot of trouble to share their ideas with us, so please support them wherever possible.

Just click on the image to open each craftman’s site.

           Candle Holders

<img source='pic.gif'='Multi coloured candle holders'/>

Multi Coloured Candle Holders

Lots of great photos, cutting lists, step by step instructions and a video guide you through this project.

You are recommended to use Americana multi-surface system paint.

Only a power drill is required for this scrap wood project.


Sofa Sleeve With Cup Holder

<img source='pic.gif'='Sofa Sleeve for cup'/>

Sofa sleeve and cup holder

Detailed instructions and video. Alternative method to avoid using specialist power tools.

Measurements are for a Ikea Karlstad sofa, but the design can be adapted for other sofas.                 


Buffalo Check Tray

<img source='plc.gif'='Tray with check design'/>

Buffalo Check Tray

Detailed step bt step instructions and lots of photos.

The paint was sealed with polycrylic.



Spice Storage Rack

<img source='pic.gif'='wooden spice rack'/>

Spice Rack

This spice rack can be placed on a counter top or fixed to a wall.

It could also be used to store your craft paint pots.

Hanging Wall Garden

<img source = 'pic.gif' alt=' '/>

Hanging Wall Garden

Reclaimed cedar fence boards and scrap 4 x 2 are used to create this hanging garden. Everything has been stained to give a uniform look.

Sedums and succulents have been planted in this garden, however herbs would grow better in deeper troughs.


 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt='Laminated wooden coasters'/>


You can make several sets of these coasters in one session, with each set being completely different to the previous one.

The woods are walnut, oak and maple, which are laminated to form a long strip, which is cut into individual coasters.




Animal Coin Banks

<img source = 'pic.gif' alt='Animal Coin Banks'/>

Animal coin banks

These cute coin banks  feature a bird, a penguin. a frog, an owl and a fox, but of course you can create any animal you wish.

There’s no better way to encourage the youngsters to save.


Rustic Vase

<img source = 'pic.gif' alt='Wooden rustic vas '/>

Rustic Vase

There are comprehensive instructions to create this vase, which is made from scrap 4 x 2.

The key to providing an attractive finish is to use the right stain. Whitney decided on a Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain.





Patio Table Drinks Holder

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt='Patio Table drinks Holder'/>

Patio table drinks holder

Excellent step by step instructions and lots of photographs.

FolkArt Home texture chalk paint was used to give a slight texture and a matte finish.

The holder was given an antique appearance using a stain to distress the paint.


Owl Bookends


Materials and cutting lists are provided along with 3D graphics of the bookends.

A selection of discarded offcuts gave contrasting shades, so no staining was necessary.



Note and Mobile Rack

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt=' Notes and mobile rack'/>

Notes and mobile rack

Printable plans and step by step tutorial.

Ideal place to rest your mobile whilst charging and to keep shopping lists etc…

It is finished with a weathered grey stain followed by a whitewash of thinned white paint.


Service Spoons

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt='Wooden service spoons'/>

Service spoons

Full instructions are included on how to make a spoon.

The spoons are hung up before an important event like Christmas or a birthday.

A message is written on the back of each spoon setting the task to be undertaken that day.

Chevron Queen Bed

<img source = 'pic.gif' alt='Queen bed from reclaimed timber/>

Chevron Queen Bed

Not exactly scrap timber but it fooled me!

Pine planks are cut and stained to give a reclaimed look.

There are step by step instructions, lots of photos and videos to help you create this impressive bed.




Children’s Building Blocks

<img source = 'pic.gif' alt='Childrens wooden building blocks;/>

Children’s building blocks

100 piece set of building blocks with full instructions and templates. Made from hemlock or Douglas fir and finished with food grade mineral oil for safety.

What a great present to give little ones, especially if you a parent or grandparent.


Cook Shelf

<img source = 'pic.gif' alt='Wooden Cook Shelf'/>

Cook shelf

You can use pallet offcuts or pine for this shelf with a twist……the letters ‘C’, ‘O’ and ‘K’.

Michelle has provided comprehensive instructions, a cutting list and lots of photos.

As this shelf may be used in a steamy kitchen, everything was sealed with water based polyurethane.

Side Table

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt='Side table'/>

Side Table

Jamison has given us cutting and material lists as well as the tools required to make this side able.

The table top uses wood of different thicknesses and stained to give an attractive finish.

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