Scroll Sawing – An Introduction

Scroll Sawing – Getting Started

Deciding Which Scroll Saw To Buy
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DeWalt Scroll Saw

The first step is to purchase a scroll saw. You don’t want to ‘penny pinch’ as that will effect the quality of your work.

Nowadays most models have an inbuilt light, dust collector and have variable speed as standard.

The only feature you can’t add on is a variable speed control, so you must choose a model with this feature.

Also look for a saw with a throat depth of 16″ +

There is a further choice you have to make… you opt for a saw which takes pin end blades or flat end blades.

A scroller with many years experience says a flat end blade is preferable for the following reasons….

  • On tight turns a pin end blade will break more easily

  • A pin end blade will not fit through the small holes you drill when you are cutting out pieces within the body of the workpiece

  • There is a larger range of flat end blades available

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    Review of the Best Scroll Saws

    Best Value For Money

    <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'WEN Scroll Saw '/>

    WEN 16″ Scroll Saw

    WEN 16″ Two direction, variable speed

    • accepts blades in two directions

    • variable speed, 400 to 1600 strokes a minute

    • 16″ throat depth

    • cuts wood upto 2″ deep

    • cast iron base ensures stability

    • air pump, flexible light, dust port

    • accepts pinned or flat blades

    • price around $120

    You can buy directly from the manufacturer at

    Recommended Scroll Saw

    <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'Shop Fox scroll saw'/> '/>

    Shop Fox Scroll Saw

    Shop Fox 16″ Variable Speed

    • Variable speed 550 to 1600 strokes  a minute

    • Maximum cutting width 18″

    • Cuts wood upto 2″ thick

    • Cast iron base ensures stability

    • Pin blades   (Pinless adaptor available)

    • Table tilt 15 to 45 degrees

    • Flexible light, dust port

    Available from Home Depot in US. Equivalent in the UK is a Clarke CSS400C available from Machine Mart.

    Best of the Best

    <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'DeWalt Scroll Saw '/>

    DeWalt Scroll Saw

    DeWalt 20″ Variable Speed

    • Rapid blade change feature

    • Reduced vibration and noise

    • Variable speed 400 to 1750 strokes per minute

    • Flexible dust blower

    Available from Home Depot in the US, but it maybe difficult to source in the UK

    You know what they say……. ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, so take a look at these two videos…….in the first one Elysia shows you how to make two signs.


    The second video, which is called ’10 Fun Scroll Saw Woodworking Projects’, has been made by Steve Carmichael.

    It shows you how to make a clock stand, a beer bottle carrier, a hammer head shark, a basket, a phone stand, a tablet stand, a bi-plane, a laptop stand and a lamp.


    Sourcing Stencils

    As you can see from Alysia’s video it is essential to have a good source of stencils. Here are a few suggestions…..

    • Open Pinterest and search for ‘scroll saw patterns’ and you will find links to lots of free patterns.

    • Visit Amazon, eBay or similar sites and search for ‘scroll saw pattern books’. I will be listing the best books I can find in my next post.

    • Design your own stencils using software like Inkscape and Canva. Inkscape have an excellent series of tutorials which you can find here.

    Look out for my next post which reviews stencil pattern books and examples of completed scroll saw projects.

    Enjoy your scroll sawing!

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