Beat Inflation With A Pyrography Side Hustle

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Finding A Profitable Wood Craft  Pyrography, Woodturning, Intarsia, Marquetry, Jewellery are all crafts which offer the opportunity of generating a supplementary income. However many of these crafts do not create a worthwhile ROI (Return on Investment) both in terms of money and/or time spent. LeadsLeap…The Outstanding Site Management System So lets look at the potential of each of them…… Click on the image to learn more about that craft. Woodturning Pros  High quality products which are useful and attractive Can use recycled timber which is environmentally friendly Cons Lathe is expensive to purchase A dedicated workshop is required Marquetry and Intarsia Pros…

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Ignite Your Creativity: Embrace the Art of Pyrography

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  History of Pyrography Pyrography dates back to the heyday of many of the world’s great civilisations……The Egyptians, The Greeks, The Romans, The Nazca and Moche civilisations in Peru and the Han dynasty in China, where it was known as ‘fire needle embroidery’.   The word pyrography originates from the Greek meaning ‘writing with fire’. Less advanced cultures, like the Maoris in New Zealand, also practiced primitive forms of pyrography. All they needed was a piece of wood, metal rods of various sizes and a source of fire.   Getting Started Safety  For your personal safety you should follow these guidelines….. Ventilation: Work…

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