Cherry Blossom Time In Japan


    Cherry blossom time in Japan is magical, as nature presents its ultimate floral show. Trees offer us such a variety of materials for our crafts. but this display is beautiful beyond words. The flowering of cherry blossom trees, known as sakura in Japanese,  has been celebrated for over a thousand years in the country’s poetry, literature and art.

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5 Traditional Forest Crafts Dating Back Centuries

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Sadly, over the past 100 years, forest crafts have gradually died out due to the introduction of mass production and the creation of new materials. However the interest in forest crafts is flourishing through hobbyists enjoying craft courses and youngsters attending forest schools. 

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Green Woodworking….Tools, Products And Skills

Shave Horse Ben Orford

Green Woodworking is enjoying a revival now that the planting of trees is  recognised as an important way of reducing global warming. Indeed wood loving craftsmen of the past are now regarded as the first conservationists, as they harnessed the attributes of wood in a sustainable and renewable way.

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Cable Reels……16 Great Ideas For Their Transformation

Barrel Swing rev1

Cable reels can be upcycled in so many ways,,,, I hope this post will inspire you to create your own innovative designs. Here are a few pros and cons when it comes to cable reel furniture….. Pros…… The wood has been treated with preservative, which penetrates deep into the fibres, so the cable reel will not rot.

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How Mental Health Is Improved Thro’ Hobbies Like Wood Crafts

Copy of Copy of Girl Sawing medium

Mental health can be improved so much by pursuing hobbies like woodworking. It is important in these difficult times to carry on with activities we enjoy.  Taking up a hobby could be the answer. Research shows that having a hobby lowers levels of depression……in fact it can eradicate feelings of depression completely.

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8 Unusual Wood Crafts

Driftwood Horse 2

Wood Crafts offer many interesting opportunities to pursue a new hobby or launch a small business. Many of the crafts mentioned below have books written about them. I can only scratch the surface and point you in the direction of useful resources, like books, videos and posts.

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