Wedding And Christmas Gifts…….Extra Special Thoughts From You

Wedding Banner

Photo on wood

Etsy Woodprintz

Our Selection Of Wedding And Christmas Gifts

The wedding gifts I have selected are mainly made from my favourite material…. wood.

Towards the end of this post I review the ways you can personalise products using a variety of techniques.


Charcuterie Boards

Food plank

Etsy leftcoastoriginal

Select from five styles and gift sets, finished in different colours.

Personalised with a choice of ten options.

Made in Florida and dispatched to the UK.

Large Name Signs

Mr and Mrs

Etsy WeddingAppeal

Made from Baltic plywood and painted with high quality metallic paints.

Full range of lettering to enhance your venue.

Made in Canada and despatched to UK



Wedding Signs

Welcome 1

Etsy EvergreenDesignSigns

Hand painted white letters using acrylic paint on a wooden board.

Wording can be changed to suit your wishes.

Could be used as a wall hanging after the big day.


World Map 

Wood World Map

Etsy EnjoyTheWood

Striking wall hanging available in four sizes and three finishes.

Wooden flag push pins in the shape of planes, boats and a compass.

Record future travels in a unique way



Family Tree  

Family Tree

Etsy VictoriasStitches

Personalised family tree available in two sizes with up to twenty hearts.

The tree can have larger hearts and with paw prints to include dogs’ names.

Handmade in the UK.


Wedding Photo On Wood  

Photo on wood

Etsy Woodprintz

Beautiful memento of the wedding.

Available in two sizes.

Printed on birch plywood so the rustic wood effect shows through.

Hand made in the UK.


Real Leaf Gold Earrings

Gold Leaf Earrings

Etsy estherdobsonart

These earrings are real leaves dipped in 18K gold leaf.

The leaves originate from the Rudraksha tree.

Ideal wedding gift for bridesmaids.



Gift Boxes for Groomsmen

Gift boxes open

Etsy HappyManor

Personalised wood presentation box with cuff links, tie bar and money clip, all with recipients initials.

Stainless steel or gold plated.

Great wedding gift for groomsmen.

Cheese Board

Cheese Board

Etsy ArtsyFramingandGifts

Laser engraved as requested.

Made from 19mm thick bamboo board.

Crafted in the UK




Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box


Choice of three different styles.

Add a personal message to the bottom or side of the box.

Made in the UK

Beer Flights 

Beer Flights

Etsy leftcoastoriginal

Available in two sizes and ten personalisation options including family name, date, phrase and quote.

Made in US and dispatched to the UK



Wood Plans Woodworking Carpentry Download

Hexagon Shelf 

Hexagonal shelves 1

Etsy Lovelifewood

Available in eight colours.

Finished with refined Danish oil and sealed with wax.

Invisible wall hanging.

Hand made in the UK


Honeycomb Wall Clock

Wall clock

Etsy BUproducts

Made from high quality, sustainable bamboo.

Silent quartz movement

An eye catching, talking point

Handmade in the UK


Six Pack Wooden Beer Crate 

Beer Crate

Etsy Signsatsimplywood

Made from reclaimed, distressed timber and personalised with hand painted acrylic lettering.

Two sizes available for regular beer and ale bottles.

Made in the UK




Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Gifts

There are many ways to print words on to wood…..some ways are far better than others……here is a run down with the least satisfactory heading the list…..

  • Iron   Although an iron is cheap and fast, it does not produce reliable results.

  • Acrylic Gel The backing paper is harder to remove compared with Acetone or Polycrylic

  • Acetone Clean and quick but images do not come out satisfactorily. OK for lettering.

  • CNC Laser Expensive and the images and lettering tend to have a brown tinge depending upon the type of wood used.

  • Polycrylic The recommended option. Prints a dark crisp image and lettering for the cost of a tin of polycrylic. 

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

How To Use Polycrylic

  • PolycrylicPaint the Polycrylic, a water based polyurethane, onto the wood using a small brush

  • Place the paper with the image on it, face down, onto the wood  block. Smooth down the paper, ensuring all the air bubbles are removed. Then put it on one side for an hour to dry.

  • Dampen the backing paper, which is then removed using a stiff toothbrush. Keep the backing paper damp to facilitate removal.

  • Finish with a lacquer

The preceding instructions have been taken from this video.

Here is another video which shows you how to transfer photos on to wood.

There are three other ways of personalising gifts….. pyrography, stencilling and carving. Take look at my post

 6 Ways To Increase Sales Of Your Woodworking Products

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