Barrel Brilliance: Transforming Discarded Whiskey Barrels into Stylish Furniture


Whiskey Barrel Furniture

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Whiskey Barrel Furniture…..unique, robust and practical

Whiskey barrel projects encompass a huge range of useful items from chandeliers to wine coolers and armchairs to wine racks.

In a world that’s increasingly conscious of sustainability, repurposing materials has become a hallmark of innovative design.

One such trend that’s making waves in the realm of eco-friendly furniture is the transformation of old barrels into stunning and functional pieces. These repurposed kegs bring a unique charm and character to your living space while reducing waste and promoting a greener lifestyle.



Sourcing Second Hand Barrels

Look online for old bourbon barrels, or contact your local winery, distillery, or brewery. They just might be willing to sell you one!

Dimensions of Barrels (Celtic Timber)

  • 40 Gallon… Height – 880mm End dia. 550mm

  • 55 Gallon… Height – 1020mm End dia. 550mm Traditional hogshead

  • 55 Gallon… Height – 880mm   End dia. 625mm Dumpy

  • 120 Gallon… Height 1320mm End dia. 625mm Butt

There are plenty of ways to use oak barrels, either by keeping the casks intact or deconstructing them. The wooden staves and metal hoops can be used to create something completely unique.

The time you take in finishing your whiskey barrel will be richly rewarded by a beautiful piece of furniture, which you can be proud of,

There is an excellent series of four videos  entitled ‘Refurbishing a Whiskey Barrel‘, which show you how to prepare and finish your barrel projects.

After searching for the most innovative designs, here is my choice for the top 15 whiskey barrel furniture designs……


Barrel Table

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'barrel table'/>

You can use glass or wood for the table top or make a larger table by supporting the top with two barrels.

The space under the glass can be decorated wth wine corks, beer bottle tops, wine labels….


Bedside Tables

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = ' <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'barrel bedside table '/> '/>

Infuse your bedroom with character by adding bedside tables crafted from old barrels. The compact size of these tables makes them ideal for small spaces.

It’s a small yet impactful way to bring sustainability into your sleep sanctuary.

One whiskey barrel will make a pair of matching bedside tables. You can cut a hole in the side of the barrel and install a shelf to store medicines, books and much more….

Barrel Cooler

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'barrel bottle cooler '/>

This barrel has been prepared with loving care.The hoops have been polished and the barrel has been stained to make it a striking feature for any home or restaurant. Another example of the versatility of whiskey barrel furniture.


Barrel Bar

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = ' barrel bar'/>

How appropriate to turn a whiskey barrel into a bar to serve drinks from.

Elevate your home bar game with a cabinet made from a retired barrel. Whether it once held bourbon, rum, or tequila, each barrel carries its own unique story.

These bar cabinets are not just about storage; they’re a stylish homage to craftsmanship and sustainability. 

The shelf is probably made from the top of the same barrel.

Rocking Chair

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'barrel staves chair '/>

You will have to deconstruct a barrel to make this rocking chair.

Adirondack Style Chair

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = ' Adirondack chair'/>

Etsy BarrelMadeUK

This style of chair, which was created by Thomas Lee in 1903, gets its name from the Adironback Mountains in the North of New York State.


Wall Art

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'Wall art with barrel staves'/>

This colourful piece has been made from barrel staves framed by a barrel hoop.


 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'barrel stave chandilier'/>

Etsy winecountrycraftsman

You may think of a chandelier as a multitude of twinkling glass facets. However this design has a much more rustic look, which makes it ideal for a farmhouse kitchen.


Outdoor Chair

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'Outdoor barrel chair'/>

Outdoor Barrel Chair


This is my favourite chair…..such a robust, simple design. You can probably source all of the staves required from just one barrel.

Chairs and a Table

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = '4 Chairs and a table from barrel staves'/>


Just two barrels will enable you to create this innovative outdoor table and chairs.

Wine Rack

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'Wine rack from barrel stave'/>

Etsy winecountrycraftsman

This wine rack, which would enhance the appearance of any restaurant or bistro, can hold around 80 bottles.


Bourbon Armchair

 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'Bourbon Barrel Armchair'/?


What a splendid tub chair. The patina and markings on the timber tell the story of the wood’s life before it became a chair.

Imagine enjoying a glass of your favorite wine while nestled in the embrace of a chair crafted from the very barrels that once housed those precious grapes.

Wine barrel chairs are not only a conversation starter but also a testament to the beauty of upcycling. The rich, warm tones of the wood and the subtle aroma of aged wine create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

I have come across a video on YouTube which shows you how to make a similar type of chair.

Barrel Clock


 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'Clock using top of barrel'/>

Etsy CCCFurnitureCo

This barrel top clock has great character. I bet it could tell a few stories as well as the time!


Wine Barrel Bench


 <img source = 'pic.gif' alt = 'Bench made from barrel staves'/>

Etsy WineyGuys

This bench has been made from thoroughly sanded and stained staves……last a life time.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of whiskey barrel furniture…. perhaps it will inspire you to make a piece for yourself!


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