Woodwork + Affiliate Marketing = A Great Match

Woodworking + Affiliate Marketing = A Great Income

How can I justify this clffiliate arketing 2aim?

Lets look at Affiliate Marketing first.

Today Affiliate Marketing accounts for sales of $12 billion across the globe with this huge sum  growing exponentially year on year.

The value of products purchased through Affiliate Marketing, country by country, is illustrated by this graphic.

Comparing affiliate sales in 4 countries

Comparing value of affiliate sales in 4 countries

As I write this post in October 2020 we are facing more stringent lockdown restrictions as the second wave of the pandemic hits. As you know the pandemic has had a devastating effect on High Street shops as buyers flock to the internet.

More and more retailers are realising that sales needn’t just come from their own website, but can be generated by an army of affiliate marketers.

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Five Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is On Fire

1. The Exponential Growth In Demand

The demand for products is increasing as the world’s population grows and  standards of living improve, especially in underdeveloped countries.Link this demand to the increasing availability of internet access and ongoing technological advances and you have a recipe for explosive growth.

2. The Affordability Of Affiliate Marketing

Comparing the value of affiliate sales in 4 sectors

Value of affiliate sales in 4 sectors

Affiliate programs are free to join, so they are an affordable way to start an online business.The niche markets with the highest number of affiliate programs are shown opposite.

3. The Advantages Of The Affiliate Marketing Model

There are many advantages to joining an affiliate program. Here are just a few…..

  • No stock to purchase

  • No products to create

  • The owner of the affiliate program provides support with advertising, queries etc….

  • Orders are taken and delivered for you

  • There are no staff on your payroll

  • Commission payments are deposited in your bank by a trustworthy intermediary

4. The Huge Range Of Products To Choose From

There is an unlimited range of products to choose from.

In the woodworking sector, the best sellers are digital products, as they don’t attract any delivery costs.

So downloadable tutorials or videos on how to use specific pieces of equipment. linked to ads for related physical products. sell well.

The range of tools and equipment required by a woodworker is huge….band saws, woodturning lathes, table saws, planers along with many hand tools.

These physical products along with digital products such as videos showing woodworking techniques and the safe use of equipment offer great sales potential.

You need to drill down into product areas to find unique items. which are already selling well.

But how do you find the best selling products?

There are a number of reputable companies, who act as intermediaries between the affiliate and the seller…..companies like Clickbank. ShareASale. CJ. and Awin. You can search for the best products on their sites…..my next post will show you how.

5. Woodworking….The Most Popular Worldwide Hobby

Woodworking is enjoyed by hobbyists and small business owners worldwide. This huge marketplace generates massive demand for the wide range of products associated with woodworking.

comparing affiliate sales in different countries

Countries where affiliate sales are most popular

At present the marketplace is dominated by the United States. but Affiliate Marketing is spreading rapidly throughout our global village. The pandemic is bound to accelerate this trend.

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How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Jumping into Affiliate Marketing without a mentor to show you the tricks of the trade can prove costly. both in terms of time and money.

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Give Wealthy Affiliate a go with their 7 day free trial…..you won’t be disappointed. If you decide to upgrade I will help you to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

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