My Love Of Woodworking


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How It All Started

Woodworking has always interested me. My first woodworking project was a letter rack, which I made in my woodworking class at school when I was about eight.

Woodworking letter rack

Throughout my teenage years I was always making something….ships in bottles, a puppet theatre, a multi storey car park, gliders, dollshouses….

More Dollshouses 002

My First Dollshouse

When I retired forty years later I was determined to rekindle my interest in making dollshouses.

The Importance of Woodworking Plans

A major problem I had to overcome when creating my dollshouses was finding plans to work to. That’s why the discovery of Ted McGrath’s Woodworking Plans was such a eureka moment.

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Now I had thousands of ideas and plans literally at my fingertips. Whether your are new to woodworking or a seasoned pro you will find a vast number of designs to choose from.

Each design has well written instructions, detailed plans and step by step shots of construction in progress.

I would like to show you the quality of the material you will receive with Ted’s Woodworking plans, which is excellent.

Here is an example of a Magazine Rack with a sample plan and working instructions.

Woodworking Mag rack finished

Woodworking Mag rack end plan e1587737623754
End of rack
Woodworking Mag rack at work
Work in progress

Woodworking Mag Rack Written instructionsComprehensive instructions for the Magazine Rack

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So Why Should You Take Up Woodworking?

Here are just a few of the benefits……..

  • Whatever you choose to make will be completely unique

  • You will experience a sense of achievement, which will boost your self esteem

  • A part time woodworking business can provide a substantial supplementary income

  • Woodworking requires a degree of physical effort and mental agility, which will improve your overall physical fitness.

  • The money you save by making your own items is very substantial.

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